You can stay in the Moulin Rouge windmill with costumes, French dinner and show

Anyone who has ever seen the Moulin Rouge will know its iconic windmill that looms and glistens above the cabaret.

Since the construction of the Moulin Rouge in 1889, the windmill has been closed to the public.

But, the unique experience will now be available for the first time as tourists can book the exceptional stay.

The Airbnb will only cost one euro per night (about 84p), but only three winners will be chosen.

The one night stay in the Windmill will include a private tour of the theater and the best seats in the house for the show – Féerie.

You can also take photos on stage and meet principal dancer Claudine Van Den Bergh in her dressing room.

Winners will be dazzled by the iconic bedroom inspired by the 1890s Moulin Rouge.

The secret room of the Moulin Rouge

There are luxurious fabrics, plenty of pillows and a four-poster bed alongside luxurious costumes, perfumes and accessories.

Lovers of the show – or of Baz Luhrmann’s film – will be amazed by the spirit of the Moulin Rouge represented in the art nouveau pieces.

And, there’s even a private rooftop terrace where guests can watch the sunset alongside patio furniture and an ornate pagoda.

And guests will be offered a Belle Epoque 3-course dinner on the terrace accompanied by an aperitif served by chef Arnaud Demerville.

The stay will only cost one euro
The stay will only cost one euro

A Parisian-style breakfast will also be provided in the morning.

Principal dancer Claudine said: “Attending a show at the Moulin Rouge offers an escape from everyday life and an incredible immersion in the glamor and grandeur of the French Music Hall.

“The Belle Époque-inspired interior of our beloved windmill will transport guests to the era from which this timeless cabaret emerged.”

Guests can request to book one of three individual one-night stays on June 17, June 20, and June 27 starting Tuesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. on Airbnb.

There will be a dinner and a show included in the overnight stay
There will be a dinner and a show included in the overnight stay

But, try not to be too disappointed if you are not selected.

The Moulin Rouge presents two performances each night with over 60 actors in a range of glamorous costumes.

Those of us who don’t buy the Windmill can still pay to watch the show or have dinner with the 7pm show.

A Belle Epoque menu is offered to all guests and there are also vegan and children’s menus as well as a Toulouse Lautrec themed evening.