WWE RPG is in development

WWE has been producing professional wrestling video games for decades, dating back to MicroLeague Wrestling for the Commodore 64 and the Atari ST. In the decades that followed, the brand image changed, but WWE games remained focused on the professional wrestling-themed fighting game genre (with a few notable exceptions). However, after the recent retooling of the WWE 2K series of wrestling games, it looks like WWE is ready to try something new. WWE is confirmed to be working on an RPG.

The news of WWE’s game production team spreading its wings came straight from the top of the company. During WWE’s latest tax reporting call, CBO Stephanie McMahon bluntly announced that a WWE RPG is currently in development. No other details were provided regarding the RPG, beyond the fact that WWE had recently signed a deal to develop the game. As such, the game’s developer is not necessarily 2K or any other former partners. of WWE.


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There is some context in Stephanie McMahon’s comments that could shed some light on the project. By the time McMahon announced the new RPG project, she had already spoken about WWE’s successes with its mobile gaming efforts. Specifically, she mentioned WWE Champions and WWE Supercard, a match-3 wrestling game and a CCG wrestling game. As such, it’s possible, if not likely, that the RPG she’s referring to is another WWE mobile game.

That said, it’s no surprise that WWE fans hearing about the possibility of a WWE RPG being in development dream of a larger project. The idea of ​​a AAA professional wrestling RPG, whether it’s a third-person action RPG, an isometric ARPG, a turn-based RPG or even a CRPG , would make any fan smile. Decades of WWE storytelling would also be a great well to draw water from. An RPG narrative from WWE’s Attitude era is just one exciting possibility.

Speculation aside, WWE doesn’t seem particularly interested in developing games that can’t be heavily monetized at this time. It would be fair to say that WWE 2K22 is the most monetized game in WWE history, with its heavy post-launch focus on the MyFaction gacha mode. Both WWE Champions and WWE Supercard are also heavily monetized.

A timeline for more information regarding WWE’s in-development RPG project has not been established. The news could be shared during any WWE PPV or TV show. WWE noted that they just signed the deal for the game, so it may be quite a long way from release. It is best not to set expectations too high until more information is available.

WWEThe RPG of is in development.

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