Why Moon Knight has 2 different costumes

Moon Knight has just revealed Marc Spector’s alternate costumed identity, Mr. Knight, in a surprising twist for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for moon knight episode 2.

In the new from Marvel moon knight, a second costume and identity for the MCU’s new vigilante hero has been revealed in the form of Mr. Knight. While Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant still has plenty of questions about what’s going on and the other personality taking over his body, the veil begins to lift with moon knight episode 2. Not only does he learn more about Marc Spector and his role as Moon Knight, but a surprise twist leads to the debut of Mr. Knight, another of Moon Knight’s Quirks.

In moon knight episode 2, Steven Grant is still reeling from the late-night events at the museum where he was attacked by a supernatural jackal summoned by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), the current avatar of the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Surrendering to the version of himself Steven sees in the mirror, Marc Spector took control of the body and became Moon Knight, the chosen avatar of the moon god Khonshu. Steven then wakes up in his bed, determined never to give Marc control of their joint body again. However, further conflicts with Harrow and his followers convince Steven otherwise, allowing Marc, as the main Quirk, to take over once again.


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That being said, the traditional Moon Knight appearing in the episode was preceded by the surprising introduction of Mr. Knight, an alternate form of Khonshu’s fist. Dressed in a white suit with a mask, Mr. Knight has generally played a more reserved role in the comics, while Moon Knight is the more brutal instrument of justice. However, the new MCU version features a whole new twist on the character. Here’s what’s known about Mr. Knight so far and his powers compared to the original Moon Knight.

Who is Mr. Knight? Moon Knight Second Superhero Costume


Created in 2011 by Warren Ellis and Michael Lark, the three-piece business suit for Marc Spector was originally just a new suit design that allowed Moon Knight to be more low-key without a large hood and a cape (as discreet as one can wear an all-white suit). However, 2014 launched an overhaul of the moon knight title which saw the new style become its own separate Quirk known as Mr. Knight. While the more classic Moon Knight is all about leaping over rooftops and exacting revenge in the extreme, Mr. Knight has become a more public figure who interacts with those in need as well as the authorities who grant him access to crime scenes. If Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman (as he’s often called), Mr. Knight is the detective side of the Dark Knight. In the current moon knight series by Jed Mackay and Allessandro Cappuccio, Mr. Knight also leads the Midnight Mission as the High Priest of Khonshu, meeting those in need of Moon Knight’s services. That being said, Mr. Knight is still able to hold his own in a fight when the situation calls for it.

How Steven Becomes Mr. Knight (Not Marc)


While Mr. Knight and Moon Knight are both Quirks that Marc accesses in the comics, the MCU is doing something different. Marc Spector lives with dissociative identity disorder, being the original person who has modifications beyond those granted to him by Khonshu. Steven Grant is the first Quirk viewers have encountered so far in Marvel’s moon knight series. As Marc tried to keep Grant in the dark about him and his role as Khonshu’s avatar, something changed, with Steven being drawn directly into Moon Knight’s conflict with Harrow. moon knight Episode 2 saw Steven summon the power of Khonshu himself before handing over control to Marc. Having never seen what Khonshu ceremonial armor looks like, Steven thought of a white costume with a mask. As such, the MCU version provided a whole new origin for Mr. Knight by casting him as Grant’s vigilante character.

In the comics, Steven Grant was a Quirk of Marc who was a socialite millionaire who funded Moon Knight’s missions and equipment. However, the MCU drastically changed his role, making Steven oblivious to Marc’s life until the start of this series and having him work in a gift shop. Now, the addition of Mr. Knight as a Quirk apparently owned by Steven is the biggest change to Moon Knight from the comics so far. The new change makes some sense. Steven Grant was Moon Knight’s public face in the comics, a role that eventually fell to Marc with the manifestation of Mr. Knight. Essentially, the MCU combined the two personalities who largely performed the same functions, giving Grant a more active role in the series while simplifying things for viewers: Moon Knight is Marc and Mr. Knight is Steven.

Mr. Knight’s powers explained and compared


It seems Steven’s Mr. Knight has the same power and abilities as Moon Knight himself. Ripping the bumper off a car and sending a new jackal flying with a punch, he clearly has enhanced strength granted to him by the banished god Khonshu. It also appears that Mr. Knight wields his classic batons from the comics, which serve as mere clubs. While they can also be turned into nunchucks and have a grappling hook function, it remains to be seen if they’ll sport the same bells and whistles in the MCU as on the page.

The new power and costume also made Steven much more confident than he was before. At one point, he even takes off his new jacket and rolls up his sleeves to face the jackal head-on, a subtle reference to Mr. Knight’s epic 2014 battle. Moon Knight #5 where he single-handedly took down an apartment complex full of thugs. Although Marc may regain control by the end of moon knight episode 2, we hope he lets Steven out in future episodes, bringing Mr. Knight’s new persona with him as the series continues.

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