Watauga High School ComicCon Features Local Vendors and Cosplay Costumes | Community

BOONE – More than 500 people gathered at Watauga High School ComicCon to celebrate their favorite pop culture icons.

Celebrity cosplayer Annie Peterson attended the April 30 event, signing autographs and announcing the cosplay contest entrants and winners. Thirty-one people entered the costume contest dressed as princesses, video game characters, and recognizable characters from movies and TV shows. Ribbons and trophies were awarded to participants for their craftsmanship, performance, general ingenuity and more.

More than 40 vendors from local businesses and online stores sold games, action figures, comics and accessories, most of which were pop culture themed.

“ComicCon was a great event. The community participation was great and the costumes were exceptional and creative, there were so many vendors with great merchandise,” said D’Aulan McCord, costume contestant and vendor at Queen D’s Crystal Readings. “This event gives people the opportunity to come out of their shells and showcase their favorite characters.”

Event organizer and Watauga High School librarian Dana Lowery Ramseur had been planning ComicCons since 2018 and said she believes the events provide a space for community building and entertainment for people of all backgrounds with disabilities. common interest. She said she hoped to welcome more ComicCons into the community.

“I’m so thrilled with Watauga High School’s first ComicCon, with over 550 people in attendance, 45 vendors and 31 incredible costumed contestants, I couldn’t be happier with the turnout,” Ramseur said. “I hope we continue this free event and that more people from the community will attend and participate.”

Ramseur was dressed as Princess Leia in punk rock fashion.