Turn fashion accessories into home decor pieces

Home decorating doesn’t always have to be about spending tons of money on fancy things. Sometimes it’s all about ingenuity and recycling. If you have a lot of fashion accessories lying around, you can turn them into eye-catching decorative pieces for your home!

Here are some great ways to use any old or spare accessories you may have and turn them into beautiful home decor pieces.

1. Turn your silk scarves into wall art

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Silk scarves usually have beautiful prints and many of them look like works of art without even being framed. But if you want to up the punch factor, just frame the scarves you aren’t using and hang them as statement pieces around your home.

2. Turn your earrings into decoration

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You may have seen people artfully arrange their earrings on a mesh frame. Take it a step further and turn your earring collection into usable art. If you hang them on a nice frame and place a small glass door in front of them, you can even display it in your living room. That’s called being resourceful!

3. Use heavy bracelets or wristbands as paperweights

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Pretty paperweights are all in vogue. If you want to make your study/work table stylish but without spending a lot of money, just use some of your ornate bracelets as pretty paperweights! You don’t need to spend more to make your work corner presentable.

4. Use umbrellas as lampshades

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If you want to give a soft atmosphere to your living room, all you need is a few parasols. They make brilliant and unique lampshades, especially when hung from the ceiling.

5. Treat Your Novelty Accessories Like Sculptural Art

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You don’t have to put your fancy bags and shoes in drawers and out of sight. If they are pretty, just turn them into sculptures around the house. If it arouses joy in you, display it on the fireplace or the library! You can also put your favorite accessories in showcases, transforming them into works of art.

There are many other ways to use the things you already have around the house to make your home more beautiful. All you need is a little imagination and the ability to think outside the box. Get things moving by reducing, reusing and recycling in your own home!

Good decoration!

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