Thor: Asgard’s 10 Best Costumes

What do the gods actually wear? That’s the question the Marvel Cinematic Universe needed to answer, taking inspiration from the comics to draw inspiration from Thor’s incredible run. the Thor has produced some fantastic costumes before, but the Asgard fashions are perhaps the most fantastic.

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When it comes to both the lead and its supporting characters, there are some brilliant looks that have held up since their debut. Each character truly has a distinctive outfit they’ve been associated with, and while a couple have evolved with each appearance, these costumes are overall some of the best in Asgard.

ten Three Warriors

The Three Warriors

The Warriors Three are truly a unit and so their armor complements each other. They really defined themselves by the costumes they wore in the original Thor film, with successive appearances largely mimicking what was first seen on screen.

With green, orange, and blue becoming the primary colors of the trio, each is equipped for battle. Their armor appears to have been crafted by some of Asgard’s finest forgers, but each is produced to suit the character’s fighting style. Fandral, for example, has a flowing cape to match his swashbuckling skills while Hogun has light clothing to allow for his more athletic moves.

9 Thor

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer chris hemsworth

Each appearance of Thor on screen allows fans to get a different look at the character. Now, there are plenty of costumes that should grab the public’s attention, with the classic winged helmet and chain mail armor becoming the Thunder God’s main outfit.

The trailer for love and thunder already teases one of the show’s best costumes to date. Taking inspiration from the comics, the traditional look was replaced with streamlined body armor, exposed arms, and a Norse coat. Looks like it matches the mythology of the deity and is not just a superhero uniform.


8 Loki

Loki Tom Hiddleston Show Helmet

There are far too many Loki costumes to really choose from. Variants across the multiverse have also sported some great wardrobe choices. Loki’s traditional green body armor is actually copied elsewhere and will be discussed in more detail later.

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The classic variant of Loki has such a comically accurate look that it’s hard to top it, though President Loki’s uniform is such a surprisingly shiny garment, complete with the standout golden horns. Ultimately, the Asgardian materials created a very distinctive green, gold, or silver palette that Loki can work with, usually with a leather base.

7 sif

Sif fights in a fierce battle.

Lady Sif may have served alongside Thor and the Warriors Three in battle, but her choice of armor is completely different. There’s almost a medieval quality to her appearance, with silver and red becoming the primary color choice for the character.

With a sword and shield that would scare any foe, the costume design is largely practical in its creation, with the armor itself allowing for great mobility but also acting as a strong protective layer. Sif really is the knight in shining armor here; it will be interesting to see how this look has changed when it next appears.

6 heimdall

Heimdall standing guard at Bifrost.

Heimdall’s look is largely ceremonial in his early appearances. When Hela attacks however, his costume changes so he can act as a defender of Asgard. For starters, as a vigilant protector of the Bifrost, the bronzes in his armor are a bit cosmic in design.

He has various symbols on his torso that indicate his special role and this iconic helmet is both a showpiece and useful in the midst of war. His longsword even has the distinct purpose of allowing individuals to travel to and from Asgard, but the intricacies of the piece are absolutely stunning.

5 Jane Foster

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Jane Foster Mighty Thor Natalie Portman

Jane Foster has worn an Asgardian outfit before, though her latest look is definitely her best. She will take on the mantle of The Mighty Thor, with Mjölnir by her side. So she has her own version of the classic Thor costume, complete with a red cape.

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The armor appears to mimic some of the most protective armor in Asgard, with Foster clearly not kidding when it comes to combat. The helmet that transforms into a mask is a nice touch, as the mere mortal will want to keep their identity hidden among the deities.

4 Hela

Hela on Asgard in Thor Ragnarok

While Hela may one day return to the MCU, given that she could, in theory, have survived her death, the character will always be known for her pretty striking looks. For starters, the greens and blacks certainly play off the imagery of dark and hellish magic from which she draws her power.

His connection to Loki in the comics is also a nod here, but the character’s helmet is definitely the most iconic inclusion. It can serve as both a weapon and a mask, the exaggerated display befitting a goddess of immortal power and violence.

3 skurge

Karl Urban as Skurge with Des and Troy in Thor Ragnarok

Skurge the Executioner’s outfit is definitely straight from the comics. The dark blue and head tattoos are directly inspired by Marvel fantasy art over the years. His armor is certainly very tough, with the character being compared to an Asgardian tank.

Although the character is covered with a metal plating, a story is told with the piece. The Asgardian metalwork is still visible, with some noticeable marks along the torso. The shoulder pads are also very useful and useful for throwing a bazooka, as a base for the god warrior.

2 Sylvia

Loki Episode 5 Sylvie Au TVA

Sylvie is a variation of Loki and so it’s no surprise that her look is clearly inspired by that initial design. The leather, with accents of greens and gold, along with the black plating, bring all the classic God of Mischief elements into the garment.

The small golden horns are also very distinctive, but everything still seems unique to Sylvie despite the similarities. It’s obvious that no matter where the characters come from in the multiverse, Asgard always uses the same techniques to craft exquisite costumes.

1 Valkyrie

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Valkyrie sports a few different looks, but her most notable is the uniform she wore alongside the rest of the warriors, who once served Asgard by transporting the souls of the dead to Valhalla. She ultimately decides to don this armor when there seems to be no other choice.

The costume has the whites, grays, and golds of the afterlife itself, and the instantly recognizable blue capes that all Valkyries wear. It’s armor that can both inspire hope and be very useful in battle, but the suit itself also tells a unique story of defeat and coming to terms with the past.

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