The iconic costumes Villanelle Killing Eve Jodie Comer are at Liverpool ONE

Fans of BBC’s Killing Eve can see Jodie Comer’s iconic Villanelle costumes in Liverpool ONE from today.

Villanelle is known for its striking style choices and now the hometown of Jodie Comer host a collection of original outfits for 10 days after the final of the four season earlier this week. The costumes are from all series and are exhibited in five windows of Lord Street in Liverpool ONE.

Outfits include Villanelle’s famous pink tulle dress from season one, the pig’s head and Bavarian dirndl costume from series two, the cheerful but terrifying clown costume from series three, and the white “angelic” dress in the series finale.

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This is not just Villanelle because the center of the screen is a tribute to the other protagonist of the series, Eve. The exhibition will recognize the stylistic differences between the two popular characters.

Sam Perry, who led costume design for series three and four, said, “I really enjoyed the costume design for Killing Eve for series three and four because the clothes the characters wear and the way of which their style evolves, is a visual representation. of the character’s emotional journey.

“Designing the costume for Villanelle and Eve comes with a great responsibility. Phoebe De Gaye and Charlotte Mitchell did a wonderful job on the first two series and I wanted to get back to the playfulness in character costumes, and have fun exploring new silhouettes.”

The Killing Eve costume collection includes Villanelle’s signature clown outfit.

Speaking of the clown costume that’s on display, Sam commented, “I’m excited to read in the script that I have to design an outfit from scratch for Villanelle to kill in Villanelle always goes to town on her looks, whereas we had. to make sure even the clown outfit has had a fashionable nod.”

The creative director of BBC Creative Ali Dickinson, said: “This is one of those rare shows that has had a real impact on the culture. Fashion in Killing Eve really like nothing else, so what better way to celebrate than with a high fashion showcase that will appeal to buyers. It is such a joy to be able to create a bold and disruptive advertising the show itself. To quote Villanelle is anything but “BOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRINGGGGG”.

Donna Howitt, Director of Place Strategy at Liverpool ONE, commented: “We are delighted to welcome this wonderful exhibition from BBC Creative to Liverpool ONE. He paid tribute to one of our most famous artists, Jodie Comer, and the role of fashion in the series; the two elements, culture and fashion, are at the heart of what is Liverpool ONE as a destination.

The Killing Eve costume Jodie Comer exposed on Lord Street in Liverpool ONE, L2 1TA, from April 13 to 22. The complete Killing Eve series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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