The hardest part of filming sex scenes is taking the costumes off

  • Insider spoke with “Bridgerton” Intimacy Coordinator Lizzy Talbot about the sex scenes from this season.
  • Talbot revealed that the hardest part of filming sex scenes for the show was the Regency costumes.
  • Buttons, gloves and corsets are so labor intensive that they take time to remove during filming.

There are many things to consider when shooting a sex scene for television. But it’s even harder to capture moments of passion when you’re dealing with lots of clothes and lots of buttons.

Insider recently spoke to ‘Bridgerton’ intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot, who choreographs all of the steamy scenes for the popular


series. And Talbot revealed that the hardest part of filming passionate scenes for the show – which is set in the 19th century – is removing the Regency-era costumes.

“A big part of making a scene of intimacy in Regency times is taking the costumes off, because it’s not easy,” Talbot said with a laugh.

“They were often dressed by other people, so all the ties are in the back,” she explained of the attire at the time. “It’s always a real challenge because you’re now working with two characters who potentially aren’t used to undressing the opposite sex in this way.”

Jonathan Bailey in "Bridgerton"


It can definitely get tricky, but Talbot said Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley — who play foes-turned-lovers Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma — actually helped choreograph their big sex scene in season two.

“Jonny and Simone both had really wonderful suggestions on how to take their own costumes off, because obviously they go in and out of them all day, every day,” she said. “It was really cool to see them suggest how the gloves come off, how they very intentionally wanted to pull down the socks, take off the shoes and take off the shirts.”

Episode seven’s crucial sex scene took two days to film, and Talbot said that was partly due to the difficult costuming.

“These sex scenes can take a long time, and we very intentionally work with Regency costumes — all of which need to be reset as well,” she said. “Every take, if you take something off, you have to schedule time to put it on and take it off again. So these aren’t short scenes to be filmed by any stretch of the imagination.”

bridgerton season two kate and anthony

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton in the second season of “Bridgerton”.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

When it premiered in 2021, “Bridgerton” was hailed for being one of the few shows on television that dared to show sex solely through the lens of female pleasure.

And Talbot told Insider that director Cheryl Dunye wants to stay true to that vision in season two.

“She was so intentional about making sure we weren’t going to get into penetrative sex, which I certainly appreciated because that was my point of view too,” Talbot said. “We were going to see it again from a female pleasure perspective, and she was so supportive and okay with it.”

Talbot said Bailey and Ashley were also “so perfect with each other” during the passionate scene, really working as a team.

“It’s always amazing to work with actors who take care of their stage partners,” she said. “Jonny brings such an air of joy to the stage that it doesn’t get intense and it doesn’t get heavy, and he’s very intentional about that. And Simone approached the stage with such confidence and real grace, and just great physique.”