The 10 Best MCU Male Costumes

The men in Marvel movies have visually appealing costumes, usually fully loaded with gadgets and handy tech that represent their comic book characters. MCU superheroes typically wear bright, vibrant, and fun outfits that match each character’s identity, and some are better than others.

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Longtime heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man tend to change costumes over the years as their character grows and progresses. They often mirror what’s happening in the story, so their outfits may differ slightly from movie to movie, for better or worse.

ten Steve is no longer sharp when on the run (Avengers: Infinity War)

Team Cap flees after Captain America: Civil War, and America’s favorite superhero becomes a fugitive hiding from the government. Captain America’s wardrobe generally doesn’t stray from the traditional red, white, and blue costume, but he does take on a much darker look in Avengers: Infinity War.

The red and white stripes have faded to dark gray and the prominent star on his chest is hard to spot. He’s also grown out his hair and beard, making him almost unrecognizable from the typically clean, book-compliant hero. Still, it’s nice for viewers to see this unkempt side of Steve, and the dark look has become a fan favorite.

9 The Iron Spider suit is a technological masterpiece (Avengers: Infinity War)

After the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark gifts Peter Parker the Iron Spider suit equipped with the latest Stark technology. Peter wears this ultra-high-tech suit to fight Thanos in Infinity War and continue to use it until Spider-Man: No Coming Homewhen Doc Ock’s metal arms rip him apart.

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The costume features red, blue, and gold metallic colors, as well as extendable arms that look like spider legs. Not only is the costume visually appealing, but it also has technology that will aid Peter in battles for years to come and constantly remind Tony.

8 Sam brings new life to the Captain America costume (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

After Steve leaves the Captain America responsibilities to Sam, he changes up the classic costume and gives it a modern look. The new costume that Sam puts on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks more technological, with red and white robotic wings and sunglasses that Sam adopts from his Falcon days.

The colors are more vibrant, the lines are harsher, and it serves as a modern homage to the American flag while feeling completely different from Steve’s costume. Plus, the costume looks cleaner and fresher, seamlessly merging Sam’s new identity with his old one.

seven Iron Man’s costume has undergone many changes (Captain America: Civil War)

As the original face of the MCU, Iron Man sets a precedent for superhero costumes in Marvel, and Tony has struggled to perfect his suit over the years. Fans see the iron suit go through many changes, but the best is his suit in Captain America: Civil Waras he confronts Steve.

Although Tony uses several other versions in later films, some get too over the top and don’t feel authentic. This costume is very similar to its original in the comics, with the red and gold colors that fans know and love – it contains Stark technology which seems plausible. Iron Man’s suit has become an iconic symbol of the Marvel franchise that fans love.

6 President Loki can manipulate anyone (Loki)

In the Disney+ series Loki, fans meet President Loki, a variant of the universally beloved God of Mischief. President Loki wears a black suit with waistcoat and tie in his typical green and accessorizes with the gold horned helmet and a red, white and blue “LOKI” pin.

The god, as fans know him, is charming and charismatic, able to convince anyone he’s on their side. He gets out of slippery situations and can make even his worst enemies sympathize with him. Undoubtedly, this elegantly dressed variant could conquer the political world.

5 The Winter Soldier is a robotic weapon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve discovers that his best friend Bucky Barnes, whom he thought was dead, is alive and used as a weapon by Hydra. Years before, the evil agency had captured Bucky, brainwashed him, and turned him into a villainous assassin.

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Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier, wears tactical gear, wields giant destructive weapons, and has a cyborg arm that makes him inhumanly strong. Fans love Bucky in upcoming movies, but he’s undoubtedly one of the most ruthless villains under Hydra’s control.

4 Peter’s new look is reminiscent of the comics (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Peter Parker creates a new costume after the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, in which everyone forgets who they are. Many fans believe that even the Stark technology in his old costume doesn’t recognize him, so he has to create a new costume to hide his identity.

His hand-sewn costume is reminiscent of the traditional costume from Marvel comics, with bright, vibrant blues and reds that Peter’s costumes have lacked in the past. It’s a great callback for comic book fans, and many like to see the hero in something simple.

3 Thor is no longer the pretty boy (Thor: Ragnarok)

Fans usually see Thor, Prince of Asgard, in regal attire with long, flowing locks and a regal appearance. However, this changes in Thor: Ragnarok after the hero becomes a gladiator. This movie features some of the best costumes in the MCU, and the God of Thunder’s new look is no exception.

He cuts his hair and wears brown armor, a red cape and a winged helmet – the traditionally assembled prince takes on a much more rugged appearance. The costume is reminiscent of a stereotypical gladiator outfit, and fans love seeing a different take on the hero.

2 Black Panther gets a tech upgrade (Black Panther)

T’Challa, aka Black Panther, gets a new and improved superhero costume from his sister Shuri and manages to look sleek, stylish and dangerous all at the same time. The set, designed to look like a black panther, has razor-sharp metal vibranium claws and technology even Tony couldn’t imagine.

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A necklace of vibranium claws instantly covers T’Challa in the costume and mask, making him ready for battle at a moment’s notice. Due to Wakanda’s advancements in technology and resources, Shuri creates one of the most powerful and coolest suits in the MCU.

1 Marc’s Costume Modernizes Ancient Egypt (Moon Knight)

Marc Spector, Steven Grant’s counterpart, plays Moon Knight, a vigilante who fights as the Avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Marc often finds himself in danger, and the costume given to him by Khonshu gets him out of sticky situations. Although it appears differently depending on whether Marc or Steven is wearing it, Marc’s version is more aesthetically pleasing.

It mimics the wrap of a mummy with an all-white costume, mask, and hood. The menacing costume has a crescent moon plaque on the chest, glowing white eyes, and a fluttering cape. It perfectly combines ancient Egyptian customs and modern style to create one of the most interesting costumes in the MCU.