The 10 Best MCU Female Costumes

The women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come a long way in terms of strength, power, and costume design, as powerful women from different countries are finally getting good costumes to help them in battle. Still, some of the best outfits are simply aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye without compromising the dignity of the characters.

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Either way, women’s costumes in the MCU have gone from just being eye-catching to having a purpose, allowing for more functionality and a better range of motion during a fight. After all, as Yelena Belova believes, the more pockets, the better.

ten The Dora Milaje are strong and feminine at the same time (Black Panther)

The Dora Milaje, led by Okoye, are the warriors who protect T’Challa and the royal family of Wakanda. They wear shaved heads with a red bodysuit, eye-catching gold or silver necklaces and gorgeous tabards. Tabards are beaded pieces that run along the foreheads of warriors, adorned with traditional African talismans or symbols of protection.

The women of Wakanda are beautiful, feminine, and strong all at once, which is precisely how the MCU should represent its women. Without a doubt, the Dora Milaje are among the most powerful citizens of Wakanda. black panther The costume designer does a fantastic job representing African culture and combining femininity and masculinity in one outfit.

9 Yelena Belova prefers comfort over style (Black Widow)

Yelena Belova is Natasha Romanoff’s little sister, raised to be an assassin by her side in Russia. When Natasha finds Yelena in Black Widow, the girl is in a comfortable and reliable outfit. She stresses the importance of pockets, especially for a killer who probably has to carry several tools.

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Yelena’s most famous outfit is a loose white jumpsuit with a vest that, to her delight, contains many pockets. Anyone who wears women’s clothing knows how vital and rare pockets are in women’s fashion. Comfort and function are more important than style, and Yelena is the perfect example of that, as she manages to be both cute and laid back.

8 Wanda’s style changes with every decade, and every outfit is awesome (Wandavision)

After Avengers: Endgame, Wanda Maximoff takes over the town of Westview to create her dream life with Vision after deeply mourning her loss. Each episode of the hit series is set in a different decade and parodies sitcoms of the era. Wanda’s style in each era is phenomenal and captures the essence of the era perfectly.

Perhaps the best look is the 1950s tea dress or the classic 1970s striped maternity dress. Another iconic look can be found in the 1990s episode where Wanda and Vision pay homage to their strip characters classic comics for Halloween, in her pink tights and red leotard. She looks great in every decade of Wanda visionbut some styles stand out more than others.

seven Valkyrie makes leather armor elegant (Thor: Ragnarok)

Like many women in recent MCU films, Valkyrie combines strength and elegance, femininity and masculinity, and functionality and aesthetics. Thor: Ragnarok has some of the best costumes in any MCU installment, and Valkyrie is no exception.

She wears black leather armor with fingerless gloves, white face paint, and a turquoise cape. Her hair is half up and half down which keeps it out of her face but still gives her a soft and feminine look. Her style perfectly combines traditional Asgardian attire with the modern direction of the film, and the costume designer managed to capture all the elements that make an MCU costume great.

6 Wanda’s Slaughter Gaze Is Truly Chilling (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

Wanda has some of the most iconic looks in the MCU, including the savage Carrie-image after slaughtering Illuminati members and their security guards. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ups the horror factor, and director Sam Raimi takes Wanda and the MCU to a place viewers have never seen before.

After killing the security guards, she emerges wearing a white sweater and jeans with no shoes on, covered in blood and oil. The sight is chilling, proving that Wanda is so powerful she can destroy the strongest heroes barefoot and in mom jeans; no one can even compete with her. Although she looks terrifying, her strength is undeniable.

5 Natasha Romanoff finally dresses for battle (Avengers: Infinity War)

Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow, is traditionally dressed in form-fitting black costumes with no padding, storage, or any kind of protection. Truth be told, his typical outfits are not suitable for combat and are strictly for attention.

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However, Natasha gets a slight upgrade in Avengers: Infinity War by adding a simple green vest to his usual black suit. The waistcoat, given to him by his sister Yelena in Black Widow, provides storage space and a bit of protection from bullets, punches or other objects that might hurt him. Although still not the perfect suit, it is much better in terms of functionality and reliability.

4 The High Priestess is a Golden Vision (Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2)

Neither Ayesha the High Priestess nor the people of the Sovereign do much actual combat, as they conduct most of their battles on VR-like systems that look more like a video game than real combat. Therefore, it’s acceptable that his all-gold clothes aren’t fully functional. As beautiful as she is, it’s deceiving, because she’s one of the antagonists of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

Genetic engineering for physical perfection has led to the people of the Sovereign, which apparently equates to shiny golden skin, hair, eyes, and clothing. Despite the connotations it sends, the outfits are spectacular, and if the High Priestess were on Earth, she would be Met Gala worthy.

3 Hela’s costume creates a sense of evil (Thor: Ragnarok)

There’s no denying that Hela captures the essence of evil and would be terrifying to encounter in real life. She is Thor’s adversary in Thor: Ragnarokthe visually stunning third Asgardian film, and is the Norse goddess of death.

Her costume is intimidating, as she wears a black bodysuit with silver detailing and cutouts and a long, flowing cape. The standout piece is an over-the-top and stunning headpiece that could give any arachnophobe nightmares as it almost resembles spider legs. While this outfit isn’t practical for close combat, Hela looks stunning and sums up a villainous look that is by far one of the best costumes in the MCU.

2 Carol Danvers captures the essence of the 90s (Captain Marvel)

When Carol Danvers returns to Earth in Captain Marvel, she trades in her spacesuit for something more era-appropriate that helps her blend in with the crowd. She dons ripped jeans, a white Nine-Inch Nails t-shirt and a leather jacket.

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The look is sleek and comfortable, and it fits in with the trends of the 1990s. While it might not be the best for battling Skrulls on city buses, it looks cool and is a awesome choice for someone who can’t remember their time on Earth.

1 The Scarlet Witch Embraces Her Evil Side (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

Wanda acquires the Darkhold, which teaches the user how to rule chaos, from Agatha in Wanda vision and decides to dive into black magic. She embraces the power and becomes the Scarlet Witch on her mission to return to her sons, Billy and Tommy, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Not only is the costume gorgeous, but it’s also evil, powerful, and representative of Wanda’s essence. Her helmet is iconic, and black magic stains her fingertips, which helps distinguish the Scarlet Witch from old Wanda fans. Plus, this costume is practical while still looking good and allowing for modesty, making it one of the best in the MCU.