The 10 Best Costumes From Nintendo Games, Ranked

Nintendo is one of the most iconic names in the video game industry. For a brief period in the 1980s and early 1990s, the name “Nintendo” was synonymous with video games. Unsurprisingly for a company that’s been at the forefront of digital entertainment for nearly half a century, Nintendo’s many video games have defined how characters are seen in media.

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Between licensed properties, third-party powers, and first-party Nintendo characters, Nintendo led the way with the fashion for video games. Realistic clothing and fancy armor have all been part of Nintendo’s fashion lexicon since the appearance of Mario in 1981. donkey kong.

ten Teenage Mutant Ninjas bandanas are awesome as turtles

One of the most iconic costumes in Nintendo gaming history is a simple strip of colorful pixels. The heroes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the games are nearly identical, but their distinct bandanas make it easy for players to tell them apart.

The Turtles’ bandanas were all red until the legendary 1987 cartoon series gave them distinct colors. They first appeared in video games in Konami’s 1989 Metroidvania-style adventure game and arcade beat-em-up the same year. Since then, they have been mainstays of Nintendo consoles.

9 James Bond’s iconic tuxedo makes an appearance in Goldeneye

The beloved costume of the iconic super-spy, the exquisitely cut James Bond tuxedo is an outfit that makes the man as much as his spy skills and array of high-tech gadgets. Agent 007 never failed to deliver his license of thrills when debuting on legendary first-person shooter N64 GoldenEye 007.

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One of the most popular skins from this classic game is Pierce Brosnan’s version of Bond, rendered with as much fidelity as early polygon graphics allowed and wearing his signature evening attire. Taking down opponents in Severnaya Bunker in classic 90s Brioni was an experience few would ever forget.

8 Wario’s costume upsets Mario

Wario reverses the color balance of Mario’s traditional costume, from red and blue to complementary yellow and purple. This amps up the intensity and makes for a suitably unsettling impression in Wario’s costume.

A greedy and greedy anti-Mario, Wario’s goal in his first game is to acquire enough loot to buy a bigger castle than his rival. Release is far less important to this villain than swag, though his contrasting clothing shows he has a much different definition of “swag” than the average person.

seven Marth’s armor combines practicality and style

One of the emblematic protagonists of the fire emblem strategy RPG series, Marth’s suit came together in the third game. In Fire Emblem: The Mystery of the EmblemMarth puts on his iconic shoulder pads, overcoat and leggings for the first time.

Stylish, practical and highly recognizable, Marth’s costume symbolizes his role as a battle leader who inspires his troops. Appearance of Marth in 2001 Super Smash Bros. Melee made him an instant fan favorite, paving the way for the seventh entry in the series to cross the ocean on Game Boy Advance.

6 The Donkey Kong tie is animal clothing at its finest

American animation has a long tradition of putting animals in human clothing to signify human traits. Drawing on this tradition, Nintendo’s 1994 Super NES platformer donkey kong country put a tie on the ape holder.

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Even though the Donkey Kong costume is as minimal as it gets, it somehow works. His distinctive bright red tie is enough to make DK look like a sophisticated monkey that the player can relate to.

5 Princess Peach’s dress is surprisingly functional

The iconic pink dress of the mario The show’s Princess Peach appears to have magical powers. Wearing it, the princess can float as if wearing a paraglider wing, at least for a short time. Her magical robe is an integral part of her hero tricks in the series.

In Super Mario Bros. 2the New Super Mario Bros. and 3D Super Mario Land series and Super Princess Peach, Peach joins the boys and his loyal servant, Toad, to fight with the Koopa Kingdom. While she’s not the most powerful of the crew, her agility makes her a top choice.

4 Mega Man’s uniform shows game status indicators can be functional and fun

Mega Man’s famous two-tone uniform in his game series, which is as iconic of Nintendo lore as Mario himself, changes color to indicate which weapon he’s currently wielding. It’s a simple indicator, but incredibly useful for mega man players.

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The iconic blue-on-blue costume is one that Mega Man consistently returns to in game after game, however, and the first costume a player sees upon entering a level. It’s simple and effective to communicate who is Mega Man really supposed to be.

3 Samus Aran’s Chozo costume is one of the best power costumes in games

Bright orange and red, Samus Aran’s Chozo Suit defines the “Power Suit” in both a fashion sense and a weaponry sense. Equipped with a powerful cannon arm much like Mega Man’s and the ability to roll into a ball to fit in tight spaces, the Chozo Suit, also known as the Power Suit or Varia Suit, is by turns magical and technological .

The appearance of the Chozo Suit changes from game to game, and increasing amounts of blue have been added in later iterations. Unlike the Zero Suit, however, which first appeared in Metroid: Mission Zerothe Chozo Suit has appeared in every game.

Nintendo’s elven hero, Link’s signature green costume echoes the look that was favored for portrayals of Robin Hood, the champion of Sherwood Forest. With a green shirt and hat and pale leggings, the hero of The Legend of Zelda started the game with much the same look since its introduction in 1987.

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Although Link changes his costume regularly, his outfit echoes the same layout, even when it varies in color. But it always comes back to the same simple design, no matter when. A truly iconic outfit is timeless, and Link’s is iconic as it comes.

1 Mario’s blue and red are video game icons

Mario’s jumpsuit and shirt combo is one of the most iconic costumes not just in Nintendo history, but in all of video games. Nintendo’s biggest star’s blue and red overalls are instantly recognizable.

Wearing red overalls donkey kong through Super Mario Bros. 2and black in Super Mario Bros. 3 to save pallet space, the iconic Mario set has reached its final form on the cover of SMB3. He was first portrayed on screen in Super Mario Worlda definitive status it has held ever since.

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