The 10 Best Catwoman Costumes In The Comics, Ranked

2022 saw the release of The Batman, which featured a rebooted version of the Dark Knight and a new version of Selina Kyle/Catwoman as Zoë Kravitz took on the role. Her different looks throughout The Batman recalled to its origins in the comics, though it’s only scratched the surface of some of the iconic cat burglar’s best costumes.

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As she appeared costumeless in a dress for her 1940s debut Batman #1, the character has worn different costumes over the years which have influenced her live-action and animated looks and vice versa. Some of Catwoman’s best comedic costumes and looks have had a lasting and positive impact on the character.

ten Cat-Woman’s Golden Age costume includes cape dress and full cat mask

Selina Kyle in her full cat mask costume from Batman 3

After Selina Kyle’s debut, the character made a few appearances in a weird but still adorable costume choice. After a few appearances in her original green dress as a thief known as Cat, she reappeared in a new yellow dress with an orange cape.

She started wearing a full face cat mask and was first called Cat-Woman in the 1940s. Batman #3. The colors of her outfit changed in her later appearances while the full mask remained, making it one of the character’s more unusual costumes.

9 Selina adopted a leather corset and makeup mask while being dosed with fear toxin

Catwoman fighting a criminal in her casual costume

Following the reconstruction of Gotham City after the No Man’s Land storyline, Catwoman is on a mission to help take down a corrupt mayor as she investigates the mystery of someone wearing the costume she recently ditched. She put together a corset and black leather pants with a mask that alternated between smudged makeup and a cat-eye domino mask.

Some of Catwoman’s decisions were thrown into doubt when she realized she had received a dose of fear toxin from Scarecrow, who had also implanted hypnotic suggestions to alter her behavior. It was a short-lived costume that didn’t impress like some of her other looks.

8 Catwoman’s Evolved Purple And Green Costume Was An Elegant Gala-Worthy Dress

As Catwoman developed into the Golden Age, her costume began to take shape as her mask was simplified to reflect Batman’s cowl. Her costume colors were also finalized with a purple dress and green cape.

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It became her most popular costume during her early years despite some short-lived changes and alterations that turned the dress into a bodysuit. The costume lasted until the ’70s before it was renamed the main costume for the Earth-Two version of Catwoman, who would eventually marry the Batman of her world.

7 She adopted a purple and black costume when she was an eco-activist

Catwoman in her purple and black costume

Selina Kyle starred in a solo catwoman series that launched in the 90s, which gave the character a new direction as an environmental activist who fought for the conservation and protection of cats and other animals around the world. She also received a new costume from artist Jim Balent, which was a tight purple bodysuit connected to her mask.

The mask featured large eye holes while allowing his hair to fall down his back. The costume was finished with dark thigh high boots and long gloves. He has featured in several major events such as the fall of the knight saga, while briefly receiving a high-tech armor upgrade.

6 Batman’s Catwoman Costume: Year One Was All Gray and Moustached

Catwoman in Year One

Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli have teamed up to reimagine Bruce Wayne’s origins and early days as a crime fighter in the Year One storyline. Batman: Year One also featured Selina Kyle’s first steps as Catwoman.

After witnessing Wayne’s first foray into vigilantism which led to further inspiration when Batman finally arrived on the scene, Kyle fashioned an all gray bodysuit for her debut as Catwoman. The mask featured enlarged cat ears and whiskers. He appeared in a light blue version and a purple and black version during his first year as a costumed thief.

5 Selina Kyle wears an advanced version of her costume in Batman/Catwoman

Catwoman in her advanced Batman Catwoman costume

Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman/Catwoman tells a story through time about the vigilante lovers set in their past, present and future. Batman/Catwoman featured an exciting new costume upgrade that reflected the character’s past and future relationship with the Dark Knight.

The suit featured different shades of gray and was cut along more tactical lines that paired well with Batman’s cutting-edge technology. He also paid homage to his look of Batman: The Animated Series. The costume featured black gloves and tall boots along with additional Bat-Tech filled cat eye goggles.

4 Sean Gordon Murphy Helped Bring Catwoman’s Animated Costume To The Comics

Another artist who successfully brought the fan-favorite Catwoman costume to the comics was Sean Gordon Murphy, who first revealed his cover at catwoman #23 nearly two years before it hit comic book shelves.

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Catwoman went on a trip to the jungle where she adopted a slightly modified version of her animated look from Batman: The Animated Series. The bodysuit was gray while the gloves and boots were solid black, and the mask featured a stylized black cat face with whiskers to add another updated twist to the fan-favorite costume.

3 Michelle Pfeiffer’s Movie Costume Appeared in Booster Gold’s Altered Timeline

Catwoman in Booster Gold's alternate timeline

On the eve of Batman and Catwoman’s wedding, Booster Gold decided to give Batman a special gift for the occasion. Unfortunately, he decided to mess with the timeline. He saved young Bruce Wayne so he could show Batman his family if tragedy never happened in Crime Alley.

However, the timeline turned out to be incredibly dark as Wayne grew into a bored playboy while his allies suffered without him and Gotham City fell to the supervillains. Catwoman became a twisted serial killer who resided in Arkham and wore a version of Michelle Pfieffer’s stitched costume from the 1992s. batman returns, finally bringing the fan-favorite costume to the comics.

2 Darwyn Cooke’s redesign has become the character’s most popular costume

Catwoman by Darwyn Cooke

Ed Brubaker worked with the late Darwyn Cooke to revamp Selina Kyle after her first ongoing series ended, resulting in one of the character’s most memorable renditions. Cooke also created one of Catwoman’s most popular costumes, though it has also been changed over the years.

Selina Kyle started out wearing a leather jumpsuit with a matching mask and stylized cat-eye glasses, which she still wears in current comics. However, this costume has been changed a few times over the years to make it simpler.

1 Joëlle Jones has created a modern costume with a unique and fashionable design

Writer/artist Joëlle Jones took over Catwoman in the post-Renaissance after the character’s failed marriage to Batman. The first storyline featured several impersonators wearing versions of Catwoman’s costume, which inspired her to redesign her outfit.

Jones designed a fashion-forward new costume that pays homage to Catwoman’s usual leather look while adding a cut-out scoop neck to further differentiate the costume from Selina Kyle’s previous looks. This costume improved on the most popular version of her costume and stands out among fans as Catwoman’s best look.

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