The 10 Best Batman Costumes of All Time

For over 80 years, fans have enjoyed the comic book adventures of Batman. Over those decades, the Dark Knight has fought Gotham’s worst villains and looked good doing it, donning dozens of unique costumes. DC Comics can’t go more than two years without showing off a new version of the Batsuit, and fans are loving it.

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The original costume, designed by Bob Kane and Bill Finger when they first created the character in 1939, was so striking. The costume seen in Detective comics #27 was so fundamentally strong that it could be altered in hundreds of ways and still feel essentially “Batman”.

ten Batman dons an armored suit in Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller crafted a very dark, character-driven story with Return of the Dark Knight. Miller delved into Bruce’s character, background, and motivations. What would a Bruce Wayne look like in his 50s? How would he be different from a Bruce Wayne at his peak? And what would bring him out of retirement?

In the last chapter of Return of the Dark Knight, Batman battles Superman. The confrontation forces Bruce to don an all-new armored Batsuit, unlike anything fans have seen before. The armor is iconic and has been adapted in the DKR animated film and Zack Snyder batman v superman.

9 Batman Hits the Streets of London in Gotham By Gaslight

Mike Mignola, best known for creating Hellboy, provided work for DC Comics, illustrating some of the best Batman comic book covers of the 1980s and 90s, and drawing the legendary Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. It’s a shame Mignola never got his own full run Batman Where Detective comics because his art style perfectly matches the gothic world of Batman.

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Mignola’s design for the Batsuit was amazing. It still had classic “Batman” elements, but this Batman was bulkier, the cape and collar looked more like a 19th century trench coat, and readers could see Bruce’s eyes under the hood, something rarely seen in the comics.

8 Batman Beyond has entered the main DC Comics continuity

So many things about batman beyond the concept was completely original. The sci-fi style of Neo-Gotham, ’80s Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis, and many others were original creations or eras of the Batman mythos that hadn’t been explored before. The batman beyond animated series followed the events of Batman: The Animated Seriesand Terry’s Beyond costume, the futuristic, sleek, capeless costume with the large red bat symbol, existed outside of the main DC Comics continuity…until End of futures contracts.

After the events of End of futures contractsTerry McGinnis and aspects of batman beyond the series were incorporated into the main DC Universe. Now, Terry’s Beyond costume could rightfully be placed alongside the other great comic book Batsuits.

seven The new 52 featured a new combination

The New 52 reignited the DC Comics universe, recontextualizing past events or erasing stories entirely. Fans weren’t too thrilled with the erasure of past canon, especially when characters like Wally West disappeared, but some series, like those of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Batmanshone at that time.

Snyder crafted some of the best modern Batman stories, while Capullo illustrated some of the finest Batman comic book covers of the decade. Capullo also illustrated a new black and gray Batsuit that would be used for the majority of New 52s. suit.

6 The Hellbat allows Batman to fight Darkseid

The Hellbat Suit was forged in the sun by Superman, with the rest of the Justice League contributing to its powers and abilities in some way. The suit was designed for Batman, allowing him to challenge super-powered foes on his own.

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Batman first used the costume in The New 52 batman and robin series after Apokolips forces stole Damian Wayne’s body. Using the Hellbat, Batman held his own against Darkseid. The Hellbat is an all-black metallic suit with red accents and a glowing red visor, making it one of Batman’s most menacing suits.

5 Batman sports a stylish white knight jump collar

Sean Murphy introduced a new alternate DC Universe with the release of Batman: White Knight. In this new Gotham City, the Joker is a somewhat redeemable character, while Batman is a more aggressive and vengeful version of himself. Murphy’s art is gorgeous, and his redesigns for some of DC’s biggest characters are unique and extremely stylish.

from batman White knight costume stands out from his many other comic costumes. He wears cropped gloves, like his original 1939 design, and black athletic leggings that go up to the thighs, but the coolest part of this new costume is the raised collar around his cowl. It really defines this costume and makes it memorable.

4 Jim Lee’s jumpsuit in Hush is timeless

The iconic “Hush” storyline began in 2002, ranging from Batman #608-619, brilliantly illustrated by Jim Lee. Batman and his gallery of thieves and allies had never looked better under the pencils of Lee, the inks of Scott Williams and the colors of Alex Sinclair. The trio of artists have collaborated on dozens of DC projects like the New 52 Justice League and Unleashed Supermanand their collaboration is a constant hit with readers.

Lee’s design for Batman during “Hush” was simple yet iconic. Batman’s bodysuit was gray, his cape and cowl were dark blue, and his crest lacked the yellow oval. All in all, it’s a look the Dark Knight has worn many times, but the costume has never looked better than under this art team.

3 In Year Zero, Batman wore a redesigned version of his original costume.

“Zero Year” was Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s attempt to tell Batman’s origin in the context of the new 52 universe where stories were changed after the events of Breaking point. In “Zero Year”, Bruce Wayne faced the Riddler and the Red Hood for the first time during his first few months as Batman.

For the sotry, Greg Capullo designed a new Batsuit, which pays homage to the original costume that appeared in Detective comics #27 in 1939. Batman’s ears were longer, and he wore short purple gloves instead of gauntlets. The “Zero Year” costume took the base of Batman’s first costume and added more detail.

2 Flashpoint introduced an all-new Batman

Thomas Wayne’s version of Batman first appeared in Breaking point #1, but the character’s backstory was revealed in a three-issue miniseries. Thomas was a much more brutal Batman who had no problem using guns or killing his enemies. In the end, Thomas turned out to be a hero who helped Barry Allen return to his original timeline.

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Flashpoint Batman wears an all-new Batsuit with a rarely used color scheme. The cape was black and the bodysuit was gray, but the sash and crest were surprisingly crimson. The suit also featured spiked shoulder pads, giving the Flashpoint Batman a unique silhouette.

1 Batman’s blue Cape & Cowl suit in the 70s and 80s was iconic

Neal Adams is well known in the comics community for his contributions to DC Comics, which included co-creating characters like Ra’s al Ghul and John Stewart, and the art he provided for books like Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Batman, and Detective comics in the 1970s.

After Robin’s debut, the Batman comics became more kid-friendly, and the Batsuit was modified. Batman’s cape was bright blue, and the man himself wore a jovial expression. When Adams boarded, he kept the blue and gray color scheme but elongated the ears and cape and illustrated a design that would be Batman’s primary comic book costume for nearly two decades.

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