Supergirl’s Best Costumes Celebrated In Epic Fan Art

DC’s famous Girl of Steel has never looked better in epic fan art that shows off the best and most memorable Supergirl fan-favorite super costumes.

DC super girl is one of the most popular female variants (term not related to the Marvel Multiverse) of the best-known original male heroes, and as a cousin of Superman, has dozens of memorable outfits. In fact, Supergirl has over 60 different super costumes, from her debut through 2022 and beyond. A popular fan-made image making the rounds online features all of these costumes and reveals why the Girl of Steel is so beloved by DC Comics fans.

Supergirl debuted in May 1959 with the release of Action comic #252 – but she wasn’t technically the first “Supergirl”. In Superman #123, Superman’s best friend Jimmy Olsen used a totem to wish for a “Super-Girl” to be Superman’s companion and helper, although the character was fatally injured during the story and Olsen wishes for her to disappear again. The issue was a way for DC to test the waters regarding an actual Supergirl, and fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thus Kara Zor-El was officially created.


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The character would be easily defined by her blonde hair and red (though sometimes blue) skirt and Superman-style “S” shield, which would later be retconned into the House of El family crest. Supergirl wore more than 60 Suits Since Debut, and Twitter User and Artist Sarah Lever depicted them all in a colorful image posted to his account. “We had a lot of fun !” Lever writes in the caption of the image. “I hope people liked the drawings as much as I liked making them!”

Leuver’s image includes the entire Supergirl storyline, but only Kara Zor-El (the art leaves out other Supergirl characters and variants, including Kara Zor-L, perhaps better known as the name of Power Girl from Earth-2). Among the many Supergirl costumes on display in the image are Supergirl’s original outfit (which she used as a human disguise), her Kryptonian armor, her animated look for the DCAU, and even her appearance in the future. the flash film, slated for theaters in 2023. Leuver left no stone unturned, even creating a Lego Supergirl and Supergirl outfit from the fan-favorite CW super girl TV show.

DC Comics characters are well known for their longevity and classic designs. It’s pretty fascinating to see which elements of Supergirl’s outfit have changed (her hairstyle and boots) and which have stayed the same (Supergirl’s signature red cape, skirt, and S symbol). Supergirl 60 costumes all have a story, and they are bound to be joined by 60 more in the character’s future.

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Source: Sarah Lever

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