Sophie Canale on ‘Bridgerton’ season 2 costumes

Everyone’s favorite antics in high society Regency London are back! Premiering on Netflix this Friday, March 25, the second season of Bridgerton promises more gossip, more balls, and more lavish costumes than even its hit first season.

We meet costume designer Sophie Canale for an exclusive look at what’s to come this season, from over-the-top theme parties to the somewhat surprising trend that Canale thinks has off-screen legs. Oh, and she also tells us about the costume Phoebe Dynevor snuck in.

Below are eight takeaways from the conversation in Canale’s own words. Buckle up, dear reader, because if costumes are any indication, this season the ton promises to be nothing short of sensational.


1. The number of costumes involved is staggering.

    “There was a team of 120 people in the house, and workers outside too. For the costumes alone, we had milliners, two women tailors, they or they each have a team of pattern makers, a men’s tailor, we have four costume assistants, we have a dyer, an embellishment team and embroiderers. We averaged about 700 suits, with about 160 “builds” every six weeks. There is no other production like this. And for women, each of these costumes has a hat or hairpieces, jewelry, embroidered gloves, and dyed shoes to match the dresses. So it’s not just dresses, it’s a whole collection with several thousand items.”

    2. The clothes say more about the characters this season.

    Ellen Mirojnick and John Glaser built an amazing world in Season 1 when I was an assistant designer, so I had this brilliant foundation. But for season 2, I felt like we got to know the characters a bit more. Benedict and the Bridgerton brothers, they are visually very different from each other this season. Benoît is on this artistic journey with tie pins and small details that give an idea of ​​his own style. Anthony is also getting a lot darker this season.”

    bridgerton l to r adjoa andoh as lady danbury, charithra chandran as edwina sharma, shelley conn as mary sharma, simone ashley as kate sharma in episode 207 of bridgerton cr liam danielnetflix © 2022


    3. The Indian heritage of the Sharma family is incorporated into their costumes.

    “We had a great discussion with the showrunner and producer about how to represent the Sharma family using Regency dresses. We ended up using Indian fabrics and Indian embroidery. The jewel color palettes of Kate Sharma’s costumes are important, and all of the family’s jewelry is Indian-inspired.Even though they wear empire-style dresses, there are still elements of their heritage throughout.

    4. Jewelry innovates.

    “The Bridgertons tend to be silver. For the Featheringtons it’s gold. And for the Sharmas it’s rose gold. We’ve done a lot of hairpieces, hairpins, hair decorations. And there are a few themed balls this season where the dresses are made with the same items as the jewelry.”

    5. The level of precision is mind-boggling.

    “The devil is in the details. Each character has its own color scheme, right down to the buttons, and I chose every one of them.”

    bridgerton l to r adjoa andoh as lady danbury, simone ashley as kate sharma in bridgerton cr liam daniel episode 201netflix © 2022


    6. The cast members competed to see who had the best costume.

    “On set, all the actors are in their warm coats between takes and you can’t see their costumes. Then we would go in for a take and the coats would come off, the umbrellas would fall off, the gloves would go on, we would put it back on each actress her reticule, there was this contest…mine is better! It was that fun part of the show because we saw the whole costume come together.”

    7. There may have been a thief on set, and her name could have been Phoebe.

    “The jewelry in each costume becomes very valuable to people, so there may have been a few rings that slipped into people’s purses and a corset. Phoebe wanted to keep her corset as a keepsake. This It’s not everyday you have a Mister Pearl corset!”

    8. Don’t be surprised if this season inspires new IRL trends.

    “We’ve been working a lot with hair decoration this season. Hairpins, jewellery, flowers in the hair. I think Lady Featherington has some interesting headwear this season, and maybe that’s something that we might see take off.”

    This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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