Ragnarok Meta – A unique combination of Web3, Metaverse and a roleplaying game

By using NFTs as a digital identity, players can use their gaming skills to achieve different milestones leading to their victory.

Video games are most popular around the fighting genre, and its popularity has steadily increased since the introduction of the gaming world. television and mobiles to the metaverse. With the introduction of this modern technology, gamers can experience the game in real time and that is the reason why their popularity has seen a steady increase in recent times. With the emergence of blockchain-based gaming, the space has grown at a faster rate than before. The game of defeating the opponent and pocketing the cryptos and NFTs is hot right now as many winning blockchain-based platforms are stepping in to meet the growing demand of this sphere.

Ragnarok Meta is one such NFT game project that brings together the mighty Web3 media, Metaverse and RPG under one roof. Players can step into new dimensions, play, chat and hang out using their NFT as their digital identity. This is an engaging new NFT drop that takes the gaming NFT space to the next level. Users can participate in the game using their Ronin ID which is an amazing collection of artworks numbering up to 7,777 which can also be used as a profile picture on social media. If users own a Ronin NFT, they gain access to its playable counterpart. Their Ronin digital avatar can visit any location in the metaverse, although it is initially limited to the world of Ragnarök.

Each Ronin comes with its set of accessories like weapons, VR headsets, x-ray glasses and more, which sets the game on an exciting journey. Users can also own virtual buildings, which they can customize to some degree, which creates a plethora of opportunities for them. There are lots of exciting things to do like slaying monsters, looting items and crafting NFTs as well as trading, earning and owning real estate.

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