Oscar-winning actor The Favorite’s costumes on display at Blenheim’s Battles and Baroque exhibition

The thrilling story of the 1st Duke of Marlborough, the man who built Blenheim, comes to life in a new Battlefields & Baroque exhibition.

A brave leader in battle, John Churchill’s victories over Louis XIV forever changed the face of Europe and led to the construction of Blenheim Palace and earned him the title of Duke of Marlborough, both gifted by Queen Anne.

At a time when marriages were often just business transactions to increase power and wealth, John Churchill chose to marry his wife Sarah for love.

In 2022, 300 years after his death, Blenheim celebrates the Duke’s life, family and achievements with interactive exhibitions, tours, battle re-enactments and other activities for the whole family.

Step back in time to the palace from the 1700s and marvel at the exquisite clothing, food, games and music that the 1st Duke and his Duchess would have loved.

After a less than illustrious start (he was once imprisoned in the Tower of London), the Duke rose to dizzying heights at the court of Queen Anne with his beautiful, strong-willed wife Sarah by his side, only to be schemed and schemed against and eventually exiled abroad until a change of monarch allowed him to return safely to his homeland.

Visitors are free to roam the lavish state rooms to learn about his extraordinary life and career and soak up the history of the Palace.

The exhibit, sponsored by Bicester Village, features costumes from the film The Favorite (based on Sarah’s life), Oscar-winning designer Sandy Powell, 18th-century armour, 18th-century music and instruments, a feast of court and contemporary maps, documents and archival objects.

The exhibition lasts until June 19.

For more information on Battlefields and Baroque and to learn more about the life of 1st Duke or visit www.blenheimpalace.com