Oscar Isaac Reveals Steven and Marc’s Moon Knight Costumes Were Originally Changed

Marvel Studios’ moon knight was one of the most mind-blowing journeys into a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series introduced a new hero, but it also showed his many layers and the conflict that made him the person he is today. But just because what was shown on camera, in terms of representations, didn’t think that was the initial idea presented before the cameras started rolling.

In Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Creation of Moon Knight, the origins of Marc Spector and Steven Grant have been discussed in detail. Actor Oscar Isaac also talked about their alter-egos, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight. While it’s more common to assume that Steven would don the three-piece suit while Marc would wear the traditional armor, the original plan actually switched roles and had Steven in the ceremonial armor. But because of the weight that came with the change, it wasn’t done lightly, and while it wasn’t explained why Marc would have been Mr. Knight, contextual clues revealed the potential reason why. the two roles are reversed.

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In the comics, Mr. Knight represented a more confident version of Marc in his nocturnal vigilante pursuits. He was more put together than any of his other personalities and behaved with a level of control that even the police trusted him. But when it came to fighting, he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to the heart of the matter. Essentially, Mr. Knight embodied the balance and control that Marc desperately needed in his life.

Although not explained, Marc’s background could have played a significant role in why he was considered for Mr. Knight’s identity. Having been Khonshu’s avatar for so long, the idea that he would be the most experienced version of the character would have fit well with the character. Plus, Mr. Knight has always been notoriously violent yet precise, like there’s nothing he can’t anticipate. Also, if Steven were to become Moon Knight, he would still fit into the original traditional superhero mold, as the new face would be wearing the original costume.

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Although the series’ initial idea for the characters brought apparent benefits, the changes made ultimately proved to be the best bet. As Oscar Isaac explained, Steven’s “English guy” persona helped shape his classic brawler fighting style, and Isaac and the crew decided the change would work. This change also helped Marc as it showed that he had been Moon Knight for so long; the classic armor felt more like a weight he had to carry than a liberating experience. He had worn the costume so many times that the wear and tear was noticeable even under the air of unearthly energy.

moon knight was a collaborative effort that helped transform classic comic book characters into fully realized live-action counterparts. Although they weren’t always perfect adaptations, they helped maintain the spirit of the characters and the way they interacted with each other. Seeing Marc as Mr. Knight would have been a sight to behold, but the idea of ​​changing costumes worked better in filming and helped physically show Steven’s growth from a shy individual to a self-confident hero. .

To see Marc Spector and Steven Grant take on evil, Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.