Must have fashion accessories in this hot summer

New Delhi: It is too hot outside and it is difficult to travel in the summer. We all agree on that, right?

Accessories help to enhance our look apart from clothes. They have the ability to enrich our dull and boring look.

Plus, we can’t compromise with our fashion sense and essentials these days. So here we have selected a list of comfortable, stylish and easy to use summer accessories.

Tinted sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses with a thick frame line are trendy in yellow, blue, green and pink colors. These glasses will look great if you wear the top and bottom in the same color.

Here is a guide for you:

Pink glasses matched with white overalls

Blue glasses matched with dark overalls

Yellow glasses matched with black overalls

Metallic jewelry

Don’t think metallic jewelry will only go with Indian outfits.

You can wear metallic necklaces, chains, earrings with dresses or off-the-shoulder tops. And if you wear these jewels, no longer wear accessories on your body.

Go for thin and simple metallic necklaces, necklaces and small earrings all the time. They can give a better look than heavy ones.

Fine silver rings

It’s not just about growing and shaping the nails, but also about accessorizing the fingers.

Buy these absolutely fine silver rings, don’t fool us we’re exaggerating and add an element of beauty to your hands. The fun fact is that these rings are affordable and available in street markets at a cheaper rate.

Chain Necklaces

Thin chain necklaces with small pendants of butterflies, moons and leaves can enhance the look of your neck. They are simple yet elegant pieces to wear with simple looks.

For example, if you wear a loose shirt, take chain necklaces with it.

Moreover, these chains can become a signature of your style. Think about it.


Over time, we have all seen the evolution of rubber.

Currently, fluffy rubber bands with polka dot prints and floral prints are privately owned. These elastics not only add a fashion touch, but hold the hair for a long time in this hot summer weather.

Belt bags

We’ve always wanted bags that were small and easy to carry. For this, the wallets are there, but we still have to hold them in our hands and carry them.

Fanny packs are proving to be a good option now. These bags are attached to our waist and reduce the risk of theft.

If you buy them, choose the pop-up colors like orange, pink, neon green, yellow, etc.

So if you don’t have them, buy them and travel worry-free.