Moon Knight Costumes Are Way Deeper Than You Think

In Moon Knight, Moon Knight and Mister Knight’s costumes reflect aspects of Marc Spector and Steven Grant, but also hide a deeper secret meaning.

Warning: Contains spoilers for moon knight season 1.

In Marvel’s Disney+ moon knight series, the costumes are symbolic but also hide a deeper meaning. It’s common for superhero costumes to contain symbolism in one form or another, and many use color theory as well. But moon knightThe costumes go one step further in how they tie thematically to the content, and in doing so, they hint at Jake Lockley’s future. moon knight the disguise will be.

In moon knightQuirk Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) is the avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu, a position that grants him a special costume that can be summoned and grants healing powers. Quirk Steven Grant (also Oscar Isaac) finds he can summon his own version of the suit, but his comes across as a sleeker, more modern style of suit. While Marc’s costume is definitely gray, Steven’s costume is an almost white shade of gray, representing Steven’s innocence and relative purity compared to Marc.


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While the colors of both moon knight the costumes have a fairly obvious connection to the moral status of the respective Quirks, they also represent parts of the moon itself. Steven Grant’s Mister Knight outfit is reminiscent of the bright white parts of the moon’s surface, known as the highlands. Meanwhile, Marc Spector’s Moon Knight costume is a gray melange that depicts the Lunar Maria. Each lunar mare is a dark part of the near side of the moon – a basalt plain. Not only are these basalt plains darker than the highlands, but they are the result of unseen traumatic impacts that occur on the dark side of the moon. This correlation highlights how Marc takes his place between light and dark and how he resists the worst that the world tries to throw at Steven.

What will Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight costume be?

Moon Knight Ending Explained Jake Lockley Post Credits

From the symbolism employed for the costumes of Moon Knight and Mister Knight for Marc and Steven, it is possible to extrapolate the most likely options for the eventual Jake Lockley. moon knight suit. As Khonshu agrees to release Steven and Marc at the end of moon knight season 1, the post-credits scene shows that Jake is still working for the god, so it’s likely his costume will be revealed in a future MCU appearance. When it comes to the moon metaphor, Jake represents the dark side of the moon: he’s invisible to anyone and has the darkest (and most violent) personality. Therefore, unlike Mister Knight’s shiny suit, Jake Lockley’s suit will most likely be black.

by Jake Lockley moon knight the costume will most likely be black to mimic both his moral stance and the dark side of the moon, but he might have some additional power. In the comics, Moon Knight’s costume is white because he wants to scare his enemies and they see him coming. Jake Lockley however (at least in the MCU), is likely to go largely unnoticed and may not only lurk in the shadows, but may have the ability to afford to stay invisible until the right time as a way to echo to the idea of ​​the invisible. side of the moon. The black suit is also said to tie into Marc Spector’s line in the moon knight season 1 finale when, after Jake Lockley unexpectedly takes control, he tells Layla that he “passed out”.

This parallel with lunar geography shows how many layers there are in the moon knight costumes that characters can summon, and yet there is an additional meta level to the parallel. Many lunar seas are named after states of mind, including: “The Sea of ​​Crises”, “The Sea of ​​Intelligence”, “The Sea of ​​Serenity”, and “The Sea of ​​Tranquility”. These states of mind correspond perfectly to the representation of mental health in moon knightand can be seen as echoing the mental journey that Marc and Steven embark on as they move from struggle and crisis to a point of finding balance before the season kicks off.

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