Meet the Skyrim fan who finally made it to High Hrothgar after years of being a guard

Nordic Arrow-knee, known on Reddit as Skyrim’s hardcore guard roleplayer u/WhiterunGuards, has been roaming the fields of Skyrim for over two years now. Last week he finally reached High Hrothgar seeking to answer a question that all the guards ask themselves: “Maybe I’m the Dragonborn, and I don’t know it yet?”

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Unfortunately, fate had other plans for Nordique. Not one to wallow in shock or disappointment, our hero quickly descended Hrothgar and ended up in a bar in Whiterun with “a nice boy named Sam”. That’s when I had the chance to flag him down for a quick chat about his latest adventures and great achievement.

GamesRadar: It’s been a few days since we heard from you! What have you done ?

Nordic Arrow-knee: I tried to face or deal with what happened. One second I was having a drinking contest with Sam and the next thing I remember is waking up on the other side of Skyrim. Until I understood the damage I caused, I thought it best to keep quiet about it.

GR: I see. Looks like it will make for a memorable story once you can put it all together.

From what I understand, you achieved a great achievement shortly before meeting Sam. How did the events of Hrothgar affect your plans and ambitions for the future?

NA: Ah yes, the 7,000 Steps and High Hrothgar… actually, I had no idea what I would be doing if I were the Dragonborn of legend, so in a way I I was relieved not to be, as my adventurous days were long behind me and I have since followed in the footsteps of my father and ancestors by becoming a Guardian.

GR: The city is lucky to have you. By the way, did you know that your efforts were recognized by some kind of higher power?

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NA: Yes, it was brought to my attention and I’ve been pretty ecstatic since seeing it. It makes me wonder if I’ve reached CHIM like this guy from Vivec.

GR: I don’t see anyone more deserving. Tell me Nordic, what wisdom have you gained on your multi-year journey that you will take to your new guardhouse?

NA: I learned a lot of things, but probably one of the most important is that Skyrim may belong to the Nords, but it’s the people (whether it’s Man, Mer or Beastfolk) who make it what they want. It is.

GR: Wise words, of course. Finally, can I ask what you would say to guards or even would-be heroes who wonder if they might be Dragonborn?

NA: Invest in good knee protection or you’ll join guard sooner than you’d like.

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