Maino reveals he fantasizes about roleplaying as a ‘runaway slave’ when intimate with white women

When we last heard of Maino, he was fighting for the rights of New York rappers, and the conversations he engages in have certainly changed since then! Speaking with the ladies of Angela Yee Lip Service PodcastMaino spoke candidly about his role-playing fantasies and his encounters with successful women.

Angela asked Maino about the lengths he was willing to go to in the bedroom, and while he initially said he “didn’t do anything fancy”, he also revealed that one of his role-playing fantasies was quite problematic.

I like being like a runaway slave. I like to play a disobedient slave with a white woman.

Following the reveal, the New York rapper opened up about exactly how the roleplay unfolded, despite some of the women involved disagreeing with the fantasy.

I like to play like I’m being booed, but most of them don’t want to play like that. They say “that nigga crazy”. It’s my fantasy. Like, you gon’ act like you’re the massa’s wife and I just got booed for looking at you but the whole time you like it and you looked at me.

Angela then asked Maino what he would do in case one of the white women called him the n-word, to which he replied that he was probably going to be “cancelled”.

No one’s ever done that, but the other fantasy is they’d hit me up and call me an*gga. At the end of the day, the black d*ck will reign.

Maino later clarified that the conversation was a “joke” and that he was talking about a fantasy that never actually happened.

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