Kim Wilde promises ‘shining and shiny’ costumes on tour

Kim Wilde is looking forward to her tour Credit: Bang Showbiz

Kim Wilde is ready to rock “loud and bright” costumes on her upcoming tour.

The 61-year-old singer has never been interested in dressing up on stage, but she’s planning a major image change when she embarks on her ‘Greatest Hits’ concert series.

She said HELLO! magazine: “I’ve never been a costume designer. But this year my look will be big and bold, with capes and hats.

“After the pandemic everything has to be loud and bright, we all have to shake our tail feathers.

“I became the live performer I always wanted to be.”

The “Kids in America” ​​singer still feels like a “rocker,” even when she’s just going about daily chores around the house.

She said: “That rocker in me never left, she’s still here every day.

“Even when I walk the dogs or change my veil, she lives in me all the time.

“It doesn’t take much to get her out.

“Once I put on the red lipstick, the jackets and the jeans, I’m off and can’t wait to go.”

Kim is thrilled to be back on stage after the COVID-19 pandemic and she thinks concerts are good for everyone.

She said: “After we were isolated from each other for so long due to COVID, it’s great to be in front of an audience.

“The power of live music and bringing people together again is overwhelming.”

Although Kim loved her pop day, she now wishes she had done some things differently.

She said: “If I could go back and give the young me one piece of advice, I would tell her not to drink alcohol.

“It got me in all kinds of scrapes. I gave up alcohol five years ago and I feel fantastic about it.