Jason Todd’s 10 Best Costumes, From Robin to Red Hood

Jason Todd fans have seen the DC character grow over the years. Todd has used different costumed identities, from his early days as the hapless Robin to the dark anti-hero known as Red Hood. His violent and unforgettable death during the “Death in the Family” storyline ultimately led to his shocking comeback and surge in popularity.

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While each member of the Batman family has worn a few different costumes, Jason Todd’s closet is overflowing. He’s worn several Robin costumes, a few different Red Hood costumes, and even briefly tried out other costumed identities as he tried to find his place in the DC Universe.

ten Jason Todd Wore His Own Robin Costume In Pre-Crisis Continuity

When Jason Todd took over the role of Robin in the pre-Crisis continuity, his origin was almost identical to his predecessor Dick Grayson. However, Todd was given a brand new costume as Robin which he only wore a few times. His new Robin costume took the look in a more stylish direction and gave the young hero pants.

Its origin was changed after the Crisis to separate Todd and Grayson. However, he reverted to the original Robin costume and dyed his hair to look more like Grayson. Todd’s PreCrisis Robin’s costume at least made it clear that a new character was operating in the role.

The DC Universe’s New 52 reboot introduced new costumes for each hero as well as a scaled-down timeline. This means that each member of the Batman family has received a modern new costume as well as a new look for their debut. Jason Todd’s Robin costume in The New 52 is unique from the rest because it featured an all-yellow cape, something he originally shared with Dick Grayson.

Todd’s New 52 Robin costume was also the first to introduce the short-sleeved tunic. Every Robin down to Damian Wayne wore short sleeves, although this was made exclusive to Jason in the New 52. It was clear that Jason Todd wasn’t afraid to inject his own personality, despite the many harsh realities of to be Robin.

8 Jason Todd’s original debut as the Red Hood was simple and tactical

When Jason Todd first returned from the dead, he took on the old identity of the man who murdered him, the Joker. Todd debuted as Red Hood in a simple dark tactical jacket over gray and black casual armor clothing. Red Hood’s biggest defining characteristic was the faceless red helmet and white eyes he wore to hide his identity.

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Jason Todd also wore a red domino mask under the helmet to reference his Robin past. This version of Jason Todd’s Red Hood costume was designed to keep his identity a secret while teasing his past. The costume began to add more of its identifying traits after the secret was revealed.

seven He armored up like a vicious new Batman during the battle for the cowl

Following Batman’s apparent death during the Final Crisis event, Gotham City was left without its greatest protector. This left a void that others rushed to fill. One of the wildest things Jason Todd has done was create his own dark take on the Batman costume. He then used it to assassinate criminals using his favorite firearms.

Todd’s Batman costume featured a unique cowl with red eyes and a metallic cover over the exposed mask. The suit also featured armored piping which further separated it from Bruce Wayne’s usual gear. Todd also wore a ragged cape that peaked around his shoulders. He gave up the suit after being defeated by Nightwing, who took over from Batman until Wayne returned.

6 Red Hood’s villainous costume got better when merged with his tactical look

When Grayson and Damian Wayne debuted as the new Batman & Robin, Jason Todd decided to become their nemesis. He created a new white and black costume with a red skull insignia on his chest. He also added a dark cape and reverted to the original extended helmet worn by the Joker during his time as Red Hood.

Todd’s brief turn to villainy during this time saw him team up with a young anti-hero known as Scarlet to become a twisted yet effective dynamic duo. He finally started his long road to reformation in this costume. He kept the black and white bodysuit, but reverted to his original helmet and tactical vest to create a perfect blend of his Red Hood outfits at the time.

5 Jason Todd briefly wore the original Red Robin costume during Countdown

An older Dick Grayson first appeared as Red Robin in the futuristic kingdom come series. The costume mixed Batman and Robin costumes to reflect Wayne’s influence on Grayson over the years. The costume would eventually appear in the present during the weekly Countdown to Final Crisis series, although it was not worn by Dick Grayson.

Jason Todd discovered a world where he had lived longer as Robin before his death. Earth’s Batman created the Red Robin costume for his Jason, though he never got to wear it before his death. Todd then wore the costume throughout the miniseries. He dumped it shortly after returning to his reality. Tim Drake would then wear it as the first official Red Robin.

4 He secretly became Wingman after being asked to join Batman, Inc.

After the death of the first Wingman, Batman offered the role to Jason Todd. He hoped it would give Todd a chance to redeem his reputation after his time as a villain. However, Todd had to hide his identity from his international allies in Batman, Incorporated.

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As Wingman, he began working with Damian Wayne disguised as Redbird. The Wingman costume was an armored version of the Batman costume that featured a solid red visor and metallic feathered cape. After Damian’s death at the hands of the Heretic, Todd gave up his role as Wingman and reverted to his Red Hood identity.

3 Red Hood’s New 52 Suit Embraced His Role With Batman’s Family

The Bat-Family changed a lot after Breaking point rebooted the DC Universe. Red Hood’s New 52 suit has embraced its reclaimed position with the Bat-Family. His signature red helmet was stylized with lines that now implied facial features. He also retained his tactical vest, although it was now light brown and highly detailed.

The biggest change to this version of Red Hood was the costume he wore under his tactical vest. It was a dark gray armored suit with a red bat symbol on the chest. This served to connect the character with her former allies as they worked to mend their relationships.

2 Jason Todd Adopted An Edgy New Hoodie That Got A Future Upgrade

Following a violent disagreement with Batman, Jason Todd retreated to his own brutal ways. Since his identity was publicly revealed, he ditched his helmet for a protective face shield and a dark domino mask that left the rest of his shaved head exposed. He usually covered himself in a red hooded vest over a black shirt with a new red insignia on the chest.

This costume retained the tactical look of his previous costumes while giving him an even grittier edge. He also started using a crowbar as his main weapon with this costume. His new look received a high-tech upgrade in DC’s darkest timeline, future state. Red Hood’s vest has been replaced with an armored motorcycle jacket, and his helmet has also received a futuristic upgrade.

1 Armored Red Hood to lead the Zombified Suicide Squad in Task Force Z

Red Hood helped stop Batman from killing the new villain known as Cheer. Batman then welcomed Todd into the Bat-Family with a new costume. Todd started wearing it during an undercover mission that went off the rails in Z-working group. Ironically, the mission again put him at odds with the Bat-Family, despite his choosing to wear the new costume.

He reverted to an updated version of his original red helmet with slightly more defined lines. His new costume was a heavily armored gray suit with red accents on his arms and legs. It also featured a red bat symbol on the chest and holsters for new weapons since he had stopped using firearms. He spray-painted a “Z” on each shoulder pad to support his new zombified team.

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