Imposters who wore camouflage suits to extort motorists apprehended by military

The Nigerian Army 81st Division in Lagos has announced the arrest of imposters who dress in camouflage and extort motorists in Lagos and neighboring Ogun.

The imposters were apprehended in an operation organized by the division, according to the army.

Umar Musa, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the division, said via Olaniyi Osoba, the division’s spokesman, in a Wednesday, April 13 statement, “dispelled the unfounded narrative that all wrongful acts committed by people dressed in military uniforms are still military personnel,” reports The Cable.

People displaying military banners and paraphernalia such as belts and stickers on cars, as well as those driving utility vehicles in military attire or driving vehicles painted in army colors, are “most often” not members of the Nigerian army, according to the GOC.

To combat this trend, the division reportedly intensified its “operation checkmate” actions to ensure regular arrests of imposters and criminals within the division’s jurisdiction.

“The GOC revealed that more than 150 imposters have been arrested since January last year to date,” the statement said.

“Major General Musa during the parade of suspected imposters explained that preliminary investigation revealed that some of the suspects specialized in setting up roadblocks along Ajah Road to extort money from motorists and engaging in other illegal tasks while wearing the Nigerian Army camouflage uniform.

“Similarly, the GOC said that arrestees fully dressed in military uniforms have been captured along the Ilaro border area in Ogun State, where they are engaged in rice smuggling and smuggling. other contraband.

“The GOC said the arrested imposters would be handed over to the Nigerian Police for further action.

“He therefore urged members of the public to refrain from wearing military uniforms and t-shirts, displaying military banners, belts and decals on vehicles as well as driving civilian vehicles painted in the colors of the army.

“He further implored members of the public to continue to support the division’s ‘Operation Checkmate’ by providing information to the nearest Nigerian Army formations or units as part of efforts to rid states of Lagos and Ogun criminal elements bent on tarnishing the revered image of the AN.

“The GOC thanked members of the press for their efforts in objectively reporting NA activities.”

It is illegal for non-military personnel to wear a military uniform, as camouflage clothing is considered part of the military uniform.