Halloween costumes that would scare anyone from NJ

Let’s face it, New Jersey: we’re entering spooky season, so we need to start thinking about Halloween costumes.




Lame. Exaggerated.

What would make the perfect Garden State Halloween costume? These might not be sold at a Spirit Halloween store, but they’re sure to scare anyone in New Jersey!

Tax collector

It’s not news to you that property taxes in New Jersey are out of this world. If your wallet was sensitive, it would cower in front of this suit.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Chicago Deep Pizza

A serving of deep pizza sounds more like a threat than a meal to a born and raised New Jerseyan. It should be classed as a stew instead of a pizza.

The mere sight of this costume would unsettle your friends.

An out-of-state driver

Nothing will make you want to drift away from other partygoers faster than the sight of an out-of-state license plate.

A Pennsylvania driver driving two miles under the speed limit in the left lane? THE HORROR.

Annoyed Businesswoman Stuck In Traffic On Her Commuter Angry Woman


Charles Cullen

Cullen is the killer nurse who inspired a new thriller coming to Netflix called “The Good Nurse.” Getting approached by someone dressed as this villain would make your arm hair stand on end.

Photo by John Wheeler/Getty Images

Photo by John Wheeler/Getty Images

A salt water taffy vendor

Why do we always pretend that we are proud of taffy? It’s awful and nothing near what kids would want on Halloween.

Jordan Jansson

Jordan Jansson

Spotted lanternflies

These bastards have been invading us for a few years and destroying our crops.

Anyone in New Jersey, especially farmers, would shiver at the sight of one.

Mottled lanternfly on side of building in late summer, Berks County, Pennsylvania


A petrol pump

It seems like a daunting task for New Jersey people. It shakes fear in their hearts.

Fuel pump in the fuel tank

Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis ThinkStock

Governor Phil Murphy

Smile. That alone would be such a scary mask.

Phil Murphy delivers victory speech after narrow victory in New Jersey gubernatorial race

Getty Images

Range Label Checker

The fear that creeps up on you when the beacon checker passes is real, and now we can take that fear from summer to fall.

tropical beach


Enjoy spooky season, New Jersey!

Scary Halloween pumpkin faces isolated on black background

Ivan Mikhaylov

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