Futuristic stitching inspired by “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” costumes

Bernadette Croft Is The Space-Savvy Costume Designer Behind Spaced Out Looks Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Her costume design is buzzing, as it should be. She is familiar with Star Trek, having worked on two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery with costume designer Gersha Phillips, before joining the new series. She uses a throwback to the original costume design with her own twist, which draws inspiration from futuristic haute couture.

Space-age or futuristic design has taken over high fashion, in a way. Just look at the works of Iris Van Herpen, Guo Pei or the extravagant Thierry Mugler. In fact, all of these fashion designers, and many more, inspired Croft’s design on the show. Much of the costume design we see on screen is angular, minimal, and abstract. “I’ll often dive deep into Pinterest to do some research,” Croft said. Forbes.

She shares exclusive photos and designs for her costume designs on the show. From her home in Toronto, she talks about costume design, Pinterest and staying creative.

Forbes: What vision did you have of the Strange New Worlds costumes?

Bernadette Croft: I wanted to build on the nostalgia and color of ‘The Original Series’ while modernizing the silhouette, fabrics and construction techniques. I want to help inspire and attract new audiences – and Trekkies! – while preserving the integrity of this incredible legacy and franchise.

Space-age or futuristic design has taken over high fashion, in a way. I noticed that much of the style of the series is angular, minimal, and somewhat abstract. Are there any fashion designer influences we might know about today?

I to like Iris van Herpen, Guo Pei, Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Maison Schiaparelli, Hassidriss and Gelareh. Their work is always “otherworldly” and fantastical. I am also inspired by art, architecture, the world of video games, travel and nature. I will often dive deep into Pinterest to do some research.

John Fluevog, the canadian shoe designer, has sold a limited number of boots to celebrate the ones you chose for the cast to wear on the show. They are already sold out. Are you surprised?

I am! The process of working with the Fluevog team couldn’t have been better. We were fortunate to work with such a well-established local company that is proud of its know-how. The clean design really modernizes the silhouette of the uniform. I can’t wait to see people wearing these boots out in the wild.

In your eyes, how have you carried the legacy of Star Trek into costume design, while keeping it fresh?

I want to pay tribute and honor the creative work that has been done before me. Especially the work of costume designer William Ware Tyce on The original series and the work of Gersha Phillips on Discovery. I can’t help but be inspired! It’s so exciting for me to reach not only our beloved Trekkies, but also new audiences who may not have watched Star Trek before. With the help of my team, we will modernize and infuse our knowledge of new materials, fabrics and construction techniques. We are a bunch of creatives!

What was the best part of working on Strange new worlds?

I contribute to a show that is positive, hopeful and optimistic. It’s about the importance of diversity, understanding and curiosity. Through my work, I reflect on who a character is and where they come from. This helps inform an audience’s sense of time and place. Contributing to empowering and inspiring stories is such an honor.

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