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There are many beloved characters in the world of fraser, from Frasier to Niles to Daphne to Roz. But one character who doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves is also one of the show’s greatest comedic assets: the lovable and ever-loyal Eddie Crane, patriarch Martin’s beloved dog and best friend. .

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Eddie has many episodes where he really shines in both hilarious and heartfelt subplots, but even in episodes where Eddie isn’t the focus he still contributes significantly – and sometimes he does so by sporting some of the cutest and loveliest in the series. unexpected costumes too.


A simple birthday outfit

Eddie the dog wearing a birthday hat in bed with Frasier Crane in Frasier

There are many birthday episodes in fraser, but few find Frasier as difficult as he does in the Season 7 episode “Back Talk”, where he celebrates his birthday with a back injury. Although he is one of Frasier’s most intelligent characters, Frasier is not always the friendliest in the series. But no matter how grumpy Frasier is, Eddie is always ready to keep him company, even when he doesn’t want him around.

“Back Talk” finds Eddie tasked with trying to put Frasier in a better mood, as Martin puts a birthday party hat on the pup’s head and attaches a speaker receiver to his collar. This way, Martin can communicate with his bedridden son, while Eddie gets adorable and ready to party.

black tie affair

Eddie the dog wearing a bow tie in Frasier

Given the number of high-society affairs Niles and Frasier attend over the eleven seasons of fraserit was really only a matter of time before Eddie got into the black tie dress style, even though it’s not Martin’s culture of choice.

At several points in the series and in many of the series’ promotional photo shoots, Eddie wears a simple black bow tie. A hilarious photo sequence even finds him adding a cigar to the mix, elevating his high-class image to something even more ridiculous.

parisian puppy

Eddie the dog wearing a blue sweater and hat in Frasier

fraser may be set in rainy Seattle, but that doesn’t mean the characters can’t aspire to the fashions of a luxurious life in Paris. Niles and Frasier might be known as the characters with the most elite tastes, but this Eddie costume shows he might have a taste for the good stuff too.

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In this fancier-than-usual ensemble, Eddie wears a soft blue sweater with chunky accents of red and yellow stripes, and it’s paired with an almost beret-like cap in the same blue, red and yellow pattern. It’s a surprisingly stylish look for a tiny little dog.

KACL’s Newest Employee

Eddie the dog wearing a radio headset in the recording booth at Frasier

One of the episodes of fraser Season 1 that just keeps getting better over time is the hilarious “Frasier Crane’s Day Off,” which finds an ailing Frasier fearing his position at KACL is in jeopardy. But one of the best parts of the episode has nothing to do with Frasier and instead focuses on Eddie.

In the episode’s ending coda, Roz has a hilarious dream about her own potential replacement at KACL: Eddie, sitting in her place in the radio booth, wearing recording headphones and dutifully listening to Frasier talk to his callers.

Eddie the red nosed reindeer

Eddie the dog wearing reindeer antlers in the Crane Family Christmas photo at Frasier

Season 1 episode “Call Me Irresponsible” isn’t a Christmas episode, but that doesn’t stop Eddie from carrying some of his best Christmas presents in a hilarious scene involving the Christmas photo of the Crane family.

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Despite Frasier’s protests that it’s only October and far too early to take holiday-themed photos, Martin and Daphne manage to convince him to pose for the picture. Eddie arrived late for the photo, but he still gets a front row seat while sporting a truly fantastical and comical set of reindeer antlers.

ring in the new year

Eddie the dog wearing a tuxedo in the RDWRER episode of Frasier

In the Season 7 episode “RDWRER,” Frasier, Niles, and Martin embark on a trip to Martin’s new Winnebago to celebrate the New Year. not leave him at home.

Even if things don’t go exactly as planned in the episode, which is one of fraser‘s best episodes to this, the Cranes get to have their New Year’s Eve party on the side of the road, decked out in their finest tuxedos. Eddie even joins in on the festivities, complete with a perfectly pup-sized tuxedo and bow tie to wear during the champagne festivities.

Santa’s Paws

Eddie the dog dressed as Santa Claus in Frasier

Yet another of Eddie’s most classic costumes appears in one of many holiday episodes of fraser. The Season 6 episode “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz” finds Frasier trying to convince his new girlfriend’s mother that he is, in fact, Jewish, which proves increasingly difficult to do given the impending Christmas holidays and the many decorations in the apartment.

One of these decorations is the adorable Eddie himself. As Frasier and Martin bicker, Eddie comes out of the bedroom wearing a gorgeous red and white furry Santa costume, with a small Santa hat fitted on his head. He may not help Frasier’s ultimate goal, but he steals the show.

Don’t rain on Eddie’s parade

Eddie the dog wearing a raincoat and hat on the couch at Frasier

Eddie’s best costume is the one that finds him channeling his inner daughter Morton Salt. In Season 2’s “The Botched Language of Cranes”, Daphne takes Eddie for his usual walk on a rainy day. Of course, what better way to dress her up during this inclement weather in Seattle than a raincoat?

A yellow raincoat with a plaid lining goes perfectly with an adorably matching yellow rain hat. Even as Frasier and Martin protest his rain gear, Daphne retorts, “I don’t think I’m going to have kids. Just let me dress the dog!” Given how adorable he looks striking a pose on the Crane couch, it’s hard to disagree.

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