Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh talks about futuristic costumes and more in Upload

To download takes place in the near future where digital download is possible. Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh chatted with us about what it was like to create costumes for it.

When a show or movie is set in the future, there’s a bit of extra work that’s needed to get into the costume. After all, what we wear today won’t be what people wear 15 or 20 years from now. Look at how fashion has changed in the last 20 years alone.

So, Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh certainly had work to do. On top of that was the need to define the costumes for the individual characters, which meant sticking to particular styles but taking into account elements that weren’t necessarily told to us as a viewer.

Khaki-Sadigh discussed creating the costumes, especially when it comes to the new characters in To download Season 2, the LUDDs. What work went into creating the costumes? What type of materials were used? And where could we be in 15 years when it comes to fashion?

Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh Discusses Upload Season 2 Costumes

Amazon Adviser: What process do you follow for each character’s costumes?

Farnaz Kaki-Sadigh: The first thing is to go through the script a few times and really get a feel for the story, the story arc, and the characters. Then I start by asking contextual questions that may not be obvious in the script, such as their job, relationship status, family, where did they grow up or are they from, what is their motivation in life , what environment do they live in now , etc. I think it’s really important to understand who the character is and what their motivation is before you really start creating their look and choosing their costume. I think our environment and our origins really influence our style.

From there, I start conceptualizing my ideas, researching and collecting references, and then meeting with the directors and actors (if any) to see what their visions are and what they see for the characters. The final step is to compile all of this information to create the final character concept and costume journey.

Download Season 1 – Courtesy of Amazon Studios

AA: How did you imagine the styles of the future?

FKS: Lots and lots of research. I really had to dig into what our world would be like in 15 years, how environmental changes would affect how we dress, what materials we use, and how clothes would be made. I had to look at what the trends in technological advancements were at the time I started Season 1 (in 2019) and where they were going to be heading and how far these technologies might advance over the next 15 years.

I then had to dig into fashion and trend cycles and how they had changed over the last 20 years and try to figure out how they might affect future fashion trends. It was really important to make sure that the future we designed was relevant and realistic and not too over the top.

We ended up incorporating a lot of 60s fashion influences into our future styles, as I was really inspired by the futuristic mod trends of the 60s and their fascination with how they saw future trends.

AA: The styles of some angels like their avatars seem to change from what they usually wear. What prompted you to make these choices?

FKS: The digital world was a lot of fun for us to design because realistically anything is possible in the digital world despite your socio-economic status and lifestyle in the real world. So the Angels essentially get the style and clothes they wish they had in reality, but either can’t afford or would be too shy to be portrayed in reality and instead have these alter ego characters depicted in their avatars.

For example, Aleesha loves fashion and clothes, but in reality, she can’t afford it in her real life, and she has this bold personality that she keeps intact at work so she doesn’t get fired. But like her angel look, she can create these super fun fashionista avatars that really showcase her vibrant and bold personality.

AA: Can you share the process of creating costumes for LUDD in particular? They were only introduced this season.

FKS: The LUDD were a completely anti-technology and anti-corporate group of the future. They think this world has created a divide, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, so this group has chosen to live off the grid, live off the land and use nothing that is produced or made by technology, returning to a simpler approach. life. We really wanted to incorporate that into their clothing as well.

We used recycled items, reused items found or at their disposal, and reused for their purpose. There are many simpler silhouettes, fabrics and many natural fibers and textures for LUDDs. We also really wanted to dress this group according to their surroundings and daily routines. It was really about functionality rather than fashion.

Download Season 2 — Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios

AA: Some clothes were reused. Can you go into a bit of detail on this?

FKS: We wanted future fashion to remain realistic and accessible, while making it stand out to show that these are not current styles. The best way to do this was to take pieces from current fashion and change a few things in them or add some to make them look different.

We also wanted to add that 60s flair to current fashion to keep this trend consistent throughout. We changed the suit collars so they were narrower to reflect that 60s collar. We changed or added blazers and jackets to change and update their style making them more futuristic (i.e. say a side blazer jacket wrapped around and secured with a leather harness). We’ve also changed shirt collars, combined shirts and/or blazers in different fabric textures, added 3D elements to some clothing, and any other character and story-appropriate revisions to create a new look.

AA: Is there anything you would like to do on the show that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

FKS: You know, this show really keeps me on my toes because there are so many elements to the story. For this reason, there is always something fun, weird and interesting to design and create.

Can’t say if there’s anything specific I’d like to do, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what else our creator Greg Daniels and the writers come up with in the future for maybe let’s cross paths the fingers, a possible To download Season 3 and I can’t wait for the challenge of making it real.

What did you think of the costumes To download Season 2? Which character costumes do you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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