DIY Maverick, Goose & Iceman

Do you feel the need to go fast? Then set your GPS for the danger zone and get ready to assemble stuff so hot it glows Superior gun Halloween costume ideas. Whether you’re a fan of the original Superior gun or a new convert to Top Gun: Maverick, the outfits are mostly the same: military flight suits, patches and sunglasses and, most importantly, the swagger you get when you realize you’re untouchable once you’re flying a Boeing F/A – 18E/F Super Hornets. Whether you’re a Maverick or a Goose (or a Rooster as the case may be) and looking to dress up, look no further than these Superior gun Halloween costume ideas.

Best of all, they’re pretty easy to put together, meaning you can create the ultimate homemade outfit if you’re feeling crafty, or grab clothes from your closet to create a last-minute costume that’s better than anything you could. to buy.

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Basic DIY Superior gun Halloween costume

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Mavericks new class Top Gun in a scene from Top Gun Maverick

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Reduced to the essentials, the Superior gun the whole thing is simple.

For those who don’t want to buy a store-bought costume, it’s easy to DIY the Superior gun see. Whether you want to be a legacy character, like Maverick, Goose, or Ice Man, or a newer character like Rooster, Phoenix, or Hangman, all you need is a flight suit. From there you can dress it up with accessories, patches, fake facial hair and whatever else you would need to make the costume specific to a certain character, but if you walk into a Halloween party with just combinations, shades and a sneer, people will say, “Hey, Superior gun!”

Superior gun couple costume

easy goose maverick halloween costumes

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Penny who?

When you talk about a Superior gun couple costume, you’re really talking about Maverick and Goose. Or Maverick and Rooster. Or Goose and Rooster. Come to think of it, maybe you want to add your own little rooster and make it a family costume? No matter the combo, you’ll need one thing: more flight suits, in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Maverick and Penny go for a motorcycle ride in a scene from Top Gun Maverick

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Of course, if you have to be Penny Benjamin (played by Jennifer Connelly), consider a chic coastal granny outfit: a navy blue cable-knit sweater, white pants, low-top sneakers, maybe add a brown moto jacket or bomber jacket aviator over it. But no one will know who you are, because the real romance in Top Gun: Maverick is between Maverick and his students (or himself, or his past).

Superior gun Goose and rooster costume

Maverick, Goose, Carole and their son in a scene from Top Gun

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cock plays the piano in a scene from top gun maverick

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Too early?

While any arrogant deceiver can be a Maverick, it takes some very special skills to be the ultimate wingman, the goose in Maverick’s gaze. And yet, Goose has so many unforgettable looks. You can opt for the flight suit (naturally). If you’re looking for that casual panache, you can opt for his Hawaiian shirt. Or, if your pipes are all warmed up to sing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” there’s always the white dresses. What about angel wings? Too? (He is a gooseafter all, geese have wings!)

If you like Goose’s style but can’t stand the thought of what happened to him, Rooster is basically Goose 2.0. They have the same penchant for combinations. They have the same taste for Hawaiian shirts. They both love “Great Balls of Fire”. They even have the same facial hair! If there’s a better father-son suit, I don’t know which. (And is there a Carole at home? She can still wear that orange strapless maxi dress.)

Superior gun Charlie Blackwood (Kelly McGillis) Costume

Kelly McGillis as Charlie Blackwood in Top Gun Scene

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If you’re a true OG, you know Charlie is where he’s at.

To get that perfect blend of confidence, toughness and cool, all you need to do is add a few touches to the classic bomber jacket, like a white blouse and pencil skirt. A black clutch and black stockings complete the look. As for the jacket itself, they do replicas, but it will cost you. You might want to settle for something close to the look instead.

None of these ideas appeal to you? Well, they beat your last resort: go shirtless, sweat it out, and play volleyball or soccer on the beach.

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