Dick Grayson’s 10 Best Costumes, From Robin to Nightwing

When Dick Grayson recently received a new costume from his best friend Wally West/The Flash, it featured a very familiar design. Fans were excited about the character’s return to one of his best looks, as he spent time trying to find himself. Her various costumes over the years have continued to reflect her continued growth from Robin to Nightwing.

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Grayson was one of comics’ first sidekicks. His upbringing alongside Batman influenced his design choices. However, Grayson’s trustworthy and cheerful personality also managed to carry over into a few of the costumes he wears as Nightwing. Even when he took over as the Dark Knight, fans could still see a bit of Grayson’s personality creep into the design.

ten Dick Grayson’s original Robin costume inspired everyone who followed

After the death of Dick Grayson’s parents, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne. Grayson eventually discovered Wayne’s secret as Batman and joined him in his fight against crime. He began his training and eventually debuted as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Grayson’s signature costume included a red tunic, yellow cape, and black domino mask.

However, what generally stands out to modern fans is the lack of pants in Robin’s original costume. Her green briefs were paired with green pixie boots and gloves to complete the look. It wasn’t the worst thing DC has done to Dick Grayson, since he became an iconic costume. Jason Todd also wore this costume, and it also influenced the design of all Robins that followed.

9 Her original New 52 Robin costume was modern and protective

When the DC Universe was rebooted into the New 52 Universe, costumes and stories were updated as the timeline was truncated. This meant that Dick Grayson’s debut as Robin happened in more modern times. Dick Grayson’s first Robin costume was a full-bodied costume that featured a darker design than his original debut.

The suit featured tactical design elements and a dark cape with yellow lining, which was first worn by Tim Drake in the original continuity. Robin’s gloves were padded, the costume featured pants, and he updated the design of the original costume nicely. Unfortunately, it lost a bit of the unique design elements from the original that would be used for Todd’s New 52 Robin costume instead.

8 Dick Grayson’s classic Nightwing costume was definitely stuck in the 80s

After spending years as Batman’s Teen Wonder, Dick Grayson was fired as Robin. He created a new identity to wear as the leader of the Teen Titans. He became Nightwing and released a new costume that worked perfectly in the 80s. It featured a high neck, an open chest, and a bodysuit with different shades of blue.

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The costume was finished with a row of yellow armored feathers on the chest and shoulders. Although the busy costume doesn’t quite work these days, it laid the foundation for his later costumes. Some of the embellishments would be dropped and the lines simplified over the years, but he was on the right track.

seven His original Nightwing costume in the New 52 was similar but modernized

Every member of the Bat-Family changed after Breaking point, restarted the universe. All costumes were upgraded retroactively during the New 52 reboot, which included Dick Grayson’s original Nightwing costume. As the timeline of the New 52 universe had been shortened, Grayson’s debut as Nightwing came well after the 80s. The New 52 costume redesign definitely reflects the change.

The costume featured the light blue coloring but was simplified into a solid bodysuit that still followed Batman’s style. The yellow feathers were incorporated into a pattern around the shoulders as well as a belt around the hips which failed to connect. Although updated to fit the New 52, ​​this version is certainly not as memorable.

6 Nightwing’s short-lived glider suit was a solid step in the right direction

Dick Grayson briefly adopted a new costume in the ’90s. This costume updated his blue and yellow ’80s costume which became affectionately known as the “Discowing” costume. The bodysuit was a darker blue, though it still featured the lighter blue coloring on the boots and gloves.

The yellow feathers were further simplified but still followed the design around her shoulders that most of her costumes would mimic. Nightwing’s first ’90s costume included his first official logo on the belt. This costume was later revealed to be a flying “glider suit” when he wore it again during the Infinite Crisis crossover event.

5 Dick Grayson Modified His Own Batman Costume When He Inherited The Role

He may have gone on his own as Nightwing years ago, but Dick Grayson has returned as his mentor as Batman. The first came after the fall of the knight event where Dick Grayson was asked to take over as the Dark Knight. He wore one of Bruce Wayne’s classic costumes in his first run as Batman during the “Prodigal” storyline.

After Wayne’s apparent death during the Final Crisis, Dick Grayson inherited the role of Batman. However, he had to modify the costume to suit his more acrobatic fighting style and his years of working without a cape. Grayson’s Batsuit also featured a logo on his belt buckle that paid homage to his earlier costumes.

4 Nightwing’s new 52 suit has been shielded and replaced blue with red

While the New 52 version of his original costume appeared in a few flashbacks, Dick Grayson’s New 52 debut introduced a dark new costume. The suit featured armor detailing which became more noticeable on the gloves and boots. His New 52 costume also featured Batman-like gauntlet spikes that helped tie the Bat-Family costumes together.

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However, the biggest change to the New 52 reboot-specific costume was the changed color scheme. The suit featured a similar design to his current black and blue suit. But the blue was replaced with a deep red which gave the character a more menacing edge. Nightwing changed the costume a few times during New 52 but it disappeared in DC Renaissance time.

3 Grayson wore a more tactical suit when he became an agent of Spyral

Dick Grayson’s Secret Identity As Nightwing Was Revealed During The New 52’s always wrong an event. This led him to fake his death and start a new life as a secret agent for the organization known as Spyral. He gave up his life of Grayson and Nightwing to become Agent 37.

Agent 37 didn’t wear a suit as much as a uniform while working for Spyral, who was equipped with his spy gear and weapons. Agent 37’s look was sleek and tactical, but still included a few subtle nods to his old suits. The light blue referenced his time as Nightwing while his new Spyral insignia paid homage to his old Robin emblem.

2 Ric Grayson’s First Costume Was Only Slightly Improved With An Upgrade

Nightwing suffered head trauma when he was shot by KGBeast. He recovered physically, but memories of his life as Dick Grayson were gone. However, he retained his muscle memory and training in his new life as Ric Grayson. This caused him to continue fighting crime on his own terms, away from Nightwing’s closest allies in the Bat Family.

Ric Grayson debuted in a handmade costume with small design elements. The most identifiable feature was the patch over his eyes which somewhat concealed his identity. Ric Grayson updated his combat gear with a real mask as well as a tight black jacket with red sleeves. Ric eventually regained his memories and returned to the Bat-Family in his most popular costume.

1 Nightwing wore a few variations of his original black and blue costume

Nightwing embraced his most enduring look in the ’90s. His new costume simplified his previous costumes into what would become his signature look. Nightwing’s costume featured a black bodysuit with blue detailing around the shoulders that met in the chest to create the shape of a bird. This was paired with sturdy gauntlets and boots that allowed him to carry additional weapons.

The black and blue costume introduced the darkness of Batman’s creations to his oldest protege. He wore a few different variations of this costume that featured a thinner wrap around the shoulders or made the bird pattern more defined. One of the best things about Tom Taylor’s Nightwing run is his current costume which has reverted to a sleek yet updated version of his favorite look.