Costumes from a very British scandal: interview with designer Ian Fulcher

“She’s always decked out in those ridiculously incredible furs – so decadent and sultry,” says the ‘A Very British Scandal’ costume designer. Ian Fulcher about dressing Claire Foy for his role as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll. “It’s like you want to touch her. There’s something very sexual about it, and I love it. And Claire loved having it on her to make her feel more empowered and feel more sexual and sensual. We spoke to Fulcher as part of our “Meet the Experts” TV costume designer panel. Watch our exclusive video interview above.

‘A Very British Scandal’ – a sequel to ‘A Very English Scandal’, which covered the seedy Thorpe case – tells the story of a different legal battle: the ugly divorce between Margaret and her husband Ian Campbell, Duke of Argyll (played by Paul Bettany). The divorce was notorious for accusations of infidelity accompanied by an infamous photo of Margaret performing a sex act. But Margaret was also known for her fashion. Fulcher explains, “We had a six-week shoot, and she’s got 85 changes in six weeks, spanning three decades, which is just an insane amount to do.” Thus, for the sake of continuity, Fulcher favored Venetian wool as the basis of his wardrobe.

Margaret’s edgy style contrasted sharply with Ian’s wardrobe. “His suit cuts haven’t changed in, I don’t know, 40 years,” Fulcher points out. But instead of feeling constrained by that, the costume designer said to himself, “It’s great because with so many changes over the episodes”, it was “less shocking” to go from one period to the next. ‘other. It didn’t hurt that Bettany had “the most amazing figure” for clothes: “Broad shoulders, a slim waist and long legs, so he wears a suit so well.” So while the Duke and Duchess’ divorce may have been messy, the costumes for ‘A Very British Scandal’ stayed sharp.

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