Bridgerton Season 2’s 9 Best Costumes

This is Bridgerton again, which means dedicated fans are immersed in the world of Regency-era decorum and Lady Whistledown’s scathing pen and gossip. As audiences pick up the pace of lakeside promenades and escapist-worthy dialogue from passionate 19th-century romantics, they can also take in all the incredible costumes.

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While the costume of Bridgerton the cast isn’t entirely period accurate, it’s incredibly close for a Netflix show (according to YouTube pundits). With a mix of Regency styling and modern influence, season two costumes are turning heads everywhere.


Edwina’s delicate pink dress

Edwina and Kate entering a ball on Bridgerton

To be propelled into the season on the Ton is not an easy task, but Edwina is ready as ever. She truly earned her Season Diamond title and her grace and pure nature are two of the reasons why she is one of the best characters introduced after Season 1.

Edwina met the Queen wearing this beautiful soft pink dress with an empire waistline and delicate flower embroidery. She paired it with gorgeous rose gold jewelry with pink gemstones and ivory opera gloves. It’s no surprise that she impressed everyone that night.

Purple silk and velvet dress by Kate

Kate and Edwina chatting in the Bridgerton courtyard

A subtle detail on eagle-eyed spotted costumes Bridgerton viewers were that many of Kate and Edwina’s costumes were influenced by their Indian culture and heritage. The result was absolutely flawless dresses, outfits and accessories.

While waiting to stroll with the Queen, viewers get a full view of Kate’s deep velvet dress covering a purple silk underdress. With a split front and split sleeves highlighted with gold stitching and a gold and lilac belt, Kate looks luxurious and sophisticated. The look is completed with light purple mesh gloves.

Mr. Dorset’s Emerald Set

Mr Dorset at the horse races on Bridgerton

While many stunning dresses get the attention they deserve in period dramas, men’s attire sometimes falls by the wayside. Sometimes the Regency dress formula for men can make all the outfits look the same, so it’s amazing to see a masculine look stand out in a crowd.

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At the horse race, Kate was introduced to Mr Dorset by Lady Danbury. He wore a beautiful emerald velvet coat over a lighter green waistcoat and a white and cream undershirt. To make things even better, the outfit was completed with a top hat.

Queen Charlotte’s pink and green dress

Queen Charlotte and her ladies at a conservatory ball in Bridgerton

The Queen had a monopoly on screen time in season 2 of Bridgerton, and she had a different costume — and a different colored Baroque-style wig in each scene. While her outfits don’t technically match the historical period, they are some of the funniest in the entire series.

Surrounded by the greenery of the conservatory, Charlotte’s ball gown both matches the decor perfectly and stands out with its pale pink trim. For her wig, she and her ladies wear matching auburn updos, and hers is adorned with a tiara and pink gemstone flowers.

Jack Featherington’s Vest

Jack Featherington smiling at Bridgerton

One of the biggest plot twists Bridgerton was that Jack Featherington was secretly broke – but fans could never tell from some of the fabulous outfits he had on this season. The velvet men’s attire was popular for several characters, including Jack.

Wearing a royal blue velvet waistcoat and sky blue silk tie, Jack did a fantastic job of concealing how bad his finances were from Lady Featherington and the rest of the Ton.

Mary Sharma’s Croquet Game Dress

Mary Sharma sitting with Violet Bridgerton cheering on the mall game on Bridgerton

One of the things that makes Season 2 of Bridgerton better than season 1 is the amount of attention given to the families matriarchs. One of the ways the show’s mothers shone was through their wardrobes.

Like Kate’s castle visitation dress, Mary’s is adorned with lavish gold stitching and accents. However, while Kate’s beauty was in the solid color blocking, the star of Mary’s dress is the intricate pattern that works its way all over the dress. Instead of a matronly cotton modesty scarf, hers is thin and delicate.

Daphne’s dress for Anthony’s wedding

Daphne at Anthony and Edwina's wedding in Bridgerton

Daphne does not appear too often in the second part of the Bridgerton series, but she pops up once in a while to give her younger siblings some wisdom. One of these cases takes place just before Anthony was supposed to marry Edwina.

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Daphne’s wedding guest outfit consists of a lilac colored dress which is the perfect shade for a spring wedding. The purple layer of the dress is covered with a sheer chiffon fabric with embroidered white leaves and flowers. She perfectly respects the line between younger and older generational fashion in the series.

Edwina’s wedding dress

Anthony and Edwina at the altar in Bridgerton

Although her wedding day did not go as planned and was one of the most important Bridgerton scandals, Edwina looked absolutely fantastic. She looked like the graceful and charming bride, even though things were falling apart in the end.

Her ivory dress had the typical Regency empire waist and was decorated with embroidered flowers and intricate patterns. Even his long silken gloves were embroidered with the same pattern. She paired it with a gorgeous choker with matching earrings and a tiara and veil combo.

Penelope’s starry night dress

Penelope and Eloise on Bridgerton

Penelope wears many yellow dresses Bridgerton. Like many characters, she has a signature color. Luckily for her, it complements her red hair perfectly. Her yellow prom dress for the second season premiere was particularly stunning.

The detail of the stars in a constellation on her dress, in addition to her hair, is a great blend of historical fashion patterns and the modern influence that Bridgerton possesses. With the current instrumentals of pop song, the little costume ideas marry 2022 and the 19th century.

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