Best Squid Game Costumes – Creative Squid Game Halloween Outfits

There’s no denying it – squid game is one of the greatest things Netflix has released, and no, we’re not exaggerating. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos responded to the success of the K-drama in September 2021 when it was released, and said he gave it a “really good shot” at becoming the most popular show on TV. Netflix so far. He was right — ScreenRant reported in June 2022 that the show had racked up over 1.6 billion hours of viewing, making it Netflix’s most-streamed show of all time. Conclusion: It’s safe to say that most people will immediately recognize your squid game suit.

The nine-episode thriller follows a group of people in South Korea who join a game where heavily indebted contestants play a series of children’s games in a bid to win $38.5 million. The kicker? Death is the penalty for losing every game. Think about hunger games meets battle royale meets Seen. It’s a spectacle that will have you on the edge of your seat – bloody, harrowing, and utterly impossible not to binge-watch.

In honor of the cultural reset that squid game was, it is sole right to compile a list of squid game costume inspiration with a spooky season ahead. We’ve discovered everything from on-the-spot masks that give the Front Man a run for his money, to budget-friendly options that get squid game character style for Halloween without breaking the bank.

squid game Competitor


Horror Game Merch 2 Piece Tracksuit
UTPO Horror Game Merch 2 Piece Tracksuit
Slip-on classics
Vans Slip-On Core Classics

Competitors wore green uniforms to compete in the Squid Games. If you want to serve up the Seong Gi-hun vibes this Halloween, you can choose from on-site recreations that will be instantly recognizable and super comfy.

Amazon has squid game suits locked with an exact replica of Seong Gi-hun’s uniform. Your days of uncomfortable Halloween costumes are over – this tracksuit is super comfy, and all you have to do is pair it with some white sneakers for a totally accurate finishing touch.

squid game Doll

squid play doll costume


Classic short-sleeved polo shirt, mustard yellow
TSLA Classic Short Sleeve Polo Shirt, Mustard Yellow

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Pale coral summer dress in flared cotton
Pale coral flared cotton summer dress Herou

The Red Light doll, Green Light is one of the most identifiable characters in the entire series. Dressed in bright, vibrant colors with the deceptive innocence of a child, this doll’s sinister role has made her one of the best squid game– inspired Halloween costume ideas.

Amazon is coming in strong with the two pieces you need to replicate the squid game doll outfit. The bright yellow shirt with the matching orange skater dress gives great Red Light, Green Light energy – and you can wear both long after Halloween is over.

squid game Employee

netflix squid game


Adult Red Jumpsuit Guard Costume
TNTB Adult Red Jumpsuit Guard Costume
Halloween Cosplay Masks
Paerma Halloween Cosplay Masks

squid game the workers are divided into rows according to the triangular or square shapes of their masks. Amazon, once again, has your back with red jumpsuits that mirror those worn by squid game workers as well as full-face masks immediately recognizable by their shapes.

Take a group of friends and turn them into an easy group costume everyone will love!

The man in front

netflix squid game


Halloween Boss Game Mask
Godood Halloween Boss Game Mask
Straw man costume

The leading man is the squid game chief honcho, the enigmatic leader responsible for running the games and overseeing the unfolding of events. Get out all the stops and dress like the squid gameis the biggest boss this Halloween.

If you want an easy all-black costume that everyone will instantly recognize, Amazon has a Front Man-inspired killer mask as well as the mysterious hooded cloak that will warm up when you venture out on Halloween night.

The VIPs

netflix squid games animal mask gold vip


Classic fantasy golden lion mask
Forum Novelties Classic Fantasy Golden Lion Mask
Taurus the Taurus Mythical Creatures Mask
Forum Novelties Mythical Creatures Bull the Bull Mask

The squid game staff aren’t the only ones wearing masks to conceal their identities when involved in the messy and bloody death games – VIP guests who contributed to the $38.5m pot wear masks gold to cover their faces as they watch the contestants battle it out for the death.

These VIPs wear a variety of boujee outfits, so anything embroidered, luxurious, or formal in your wardrobe will do. Bonus points if it’s a costume! The costume is complete with a golden animal mask.