Ben Reilly’s 10 Best Suits, Ranked

The “Spider-Man Beyond” storyline finale ushered in a dark new era for the Spider-Man clone known as Ben Reilly. His evolution into a powerful new enemy of Spider-Man also introduced a new costume for the former hero known as Scarlet Spider. However, this isn’t the first new suit Ben Reilly has appeared in over the years.

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Ben Reilly’s wardrobe has changed from his first appearance in the original clone saga to his years in exile on the road. He continued to hide his secret identity by wearing a mask and costume when forced to act. Reilly created a few new costumes and identities, but not all of them resonated with fans like the others.

ten He wore a bandaged mask and gloves to conceal his identity during his exile

Shortly after his first meeting with Peter Parker, the Spider-Man clone decided to leave New York. He adopted the name Ben Reilly and decided to hit the road to escape his lost life. Unfortunately, he couldn’t ignore his sense of responsibility, and he had to dress up a few times to help people.

Reilly wrapped his face and hands in bandages that barely concealed his identity. He paired it with a baggy white t-shirt and skinny jeans for a more casual look that didn’t fool the officers he encountered. His first makeshift costume didn’t have many memorable features and failed in its most basic purpose, so it doesn’t rank among Reilly’s other costumes.

9 Ben Reilly debuted in Peter Parker’s classic Spider-Man suit

One of the worst things The Jackal ever did to Spider-Man was clone Peter Parker. He then outfitted the man who would become Ben Reilly with a replica of the classic Spider-Man suit. He hoped that Spider-Man and his clone would end up killing each other in the battle he manipulated.

The Spider-Man costume is one of the most iconic superhero costumes, though it’s not the best match for Ben Reilly. Instead, it served as a reminder of the life he lost when Peter Parker finally won their first battle. Reilly eventually returned to the role of Spider-Man, although he never returned to the classic costume.

8 He wore his civilian clothes and a Spider-Man mask when he first came back

Ben Reilly spent five years on the road after leaving New York. He was taken back to his hometown after learning that his beloved Aunt May was in hospital. While he threw away most of the classic Spider-Man costume he left town with, he kept the mask and gloves.

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When he was forced back into action during the “Power & Responsibility” storyline, he disguised his identity with the mask and gloves while wearing his civilian clothes. This created a casual look that was a bit more polished than her old makeshift costume. Peter Parker would later replicate this look with the black mask and gloves after his costume was stolen by a clone named Spidercide.

7 Ben Reilly filed his first mean look when he returned as the Jackal

The confusing Clone Saga of the ’90s ended with the death of Ben Reilly, though that wasn’t the end for the character. The Jackal brought him back to life with a new cloning process which he perfected by killing and recloning Ben Reilly dozens of times. The traumatic memories of death twisted Reilly’s mind, leading him to take on the role of The Jackal.

He ditched his predecessor’s bestial look for a chic costume and an Anubis-inspired mask. The red and blue costume paid homage to his past as Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider, although it was one of his more simple looks. His time as the Jackal was short-lived and he never returned to that costume after. The clone conspiracy Event.

6 He was transformed by a mutagenic polymer into a new villain named Chasm

His time as The Jackal wasn’t Ben Reilly’s only dark turn to villainy. After returning to the web in the “Spider-Man Beyond” storyline, Reilly had lost some of the memories he shared with Peter Parker. He was also physically transformed after being exposed to an experimental mutagenic polymer.

He gained dark new abilities and adopted the villainous identity of Chasm. The purple and green suit is a dark, twisted version of his old Spider-Man suit that bleeds streaks of energy. Chasm’s costume isn’t the most iconic look Reilly has worn over the years, but it might end up being his most memorable.

5 Ben Reilly’s Second Scarlet Spider Costume Got A Ton Of Negative Comments

When Ben Reilly gave up the role of The Jackal, he headed to Las Vegas and decided to return to his original Scarlet Spider identity. However, he didn’t have his original Scarlet Spider costume and he was forced to improvise.

He stole an original costume from a cosplayer that featured a hood like his classic Scarlet Spider costume. Unfortunately, the costume looked more like Spidercide’s costume from the Clone Saga. When the costume was first teased, the negative fan reaction led to a change in the story. Reilly ditched his new costume and returned to his original Scarlet Spider costume.

4 He created a new version of the classic costume as the sensational Spider-Man

The clone saga turned the lives of Peter Parker and Ben Reilly upside down when it was revealed that Parker was actually the clone and Ben Reilly was the original. Parker decided to retire and move

away from New York while Ben Reilly was set to reprise the role of Spider-Man. However, he decided to create a new version of the classic costume that better suited his new life.

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After dreaming up a wide assortment of costumes, he settled on a familiar design with a few modernized tweaks. The larger spider insignia spilled over his chest, and the gloves and boots were clipped. He also continued to wear his web shooters outside of his suit, which has become an identifying feature of Reilly’s suits over the years.

3 Ben Reilly’s Sensational Look Was Improved When He Transformed Into Spider-Carnage

Reilly encountered several of Spider-Man’s most powerful villains when he returned to the role. One of the deadliest was the symbiotic serial killer known as Carnage, though Reilly’s experience was a bit different than his predecessor. The Carnage symbiote attempted to bond with Reilly, temporarily creating a new being known as Spider-Carnage.

Reilly fought the bond with the Carnage symbiote, so his physical appearance was only slightly altered. His new Spider-Man suit was covered in red symbiotic tendrils that ended in razor-sharp claws. His mask also developed the familiar toothy grin known from symbiotes like Venom and Carnage.

2 His new Spider-Man Beyond Suit mixed the sensational and scarlet designs of the spider

The Beyond Corporation approached Ben Reilly to come work for them as the corporate version of Spider-Man. He received a brand new costume designed by Beyond which featured advanced technology and an updated design. The suit was an advanced polymer capable of dispersing impact energy to protect Ben Reilly.

The design of Reilly’s new Spider-Man suit pays homage to his own redesigned suit from Clone Saga. He also mixed in elements of the Scarlet Spider suit by moving the location of the spider badge to the chest. The web shooters were hidden in the suit’s fabric, though the gloves featured a pad on the top of the hand that also brought in elements of the black suit.

1 Ben Reilly’s First Scarlet Spider Costume Has Become an Enduring Fan Favorite

Following the “Power and Responsibility” storyline, Ben Reilly decided to stay in New York. He needed a new costumed identity to separate himself from Spider-Man while in the same town. Reilly took a blue sweater from the Natural History Museum, tore up the sleeves and paired it with a dark red bodysuit.

The Scarlet Spider costume matched Reilly’s usual makeshift style and featured the best web shooter design outside of the costume for the first time. Despite the ’90s inclusion of unnecessary pockets around the ankles, his Scarlet Spider costume has become Ben Reilly’s most iconic costume.

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