Batman: The Best Live-Action Joker Costumes, Ranked

The Joker is, of course, Batman’s nemesis, and that fact is undeniable. While the Caped Crusader poses as the terrifying bat of the night, the Clown Prince of Crime dresses up as a jester instead, complete with vibrant clothing and gadgets to match. The Joker’s iconic look has gone down in movie history. Audiences haven’t yet gotten a full look at Barry Keoghan’s portrayal, but they’re excited to see what happens to the character in the universe of The Batman.

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Over the years, there have been many variations of Joker, each one bringing a unique flavor to both the performance and the character’s wardrobe. Whether it’s an over-the-top version or perhaps a grittier one, these wardrobe choices have really helped sell Arkham Asylum’s stalwart ideology.

7 Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad Smoking Joker Trailer

The version of Joker developed for suicide squadwhich had many differences from other DC Jokers, left a lot to be desired. While Jared Leto’s performance was mixed, the character’s costumes and general appearance deviated quite significantly from the source material. Most of the outfits weren’t worth mentioning, but there’s a very Joker-esque costume towards the end of the film.

The purple costume with a white shirt and matching gloves is absolutely perfect for the character. It plays off the classic Joker look, even with a small flower, perhaps used to spray acid. The tattoos may have taken the look away, and it’s since been upgraded, but it’s a great starting point to build on, as far as comic book imagery goes.

6 Batman (1966-1968)

Some of the classic villains from the original Batman The TV shows have featured looks that look like they were lifted from the comics, even if they’re a bit cheesy and dated. This is the case of the Joker, played by Cesar Romero in a thrilling, vibrant and charismatic performance.

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The character needed to match the fun tone of the world, and the bright greens and purples certainly helped achieve that. While many of the other costumes in the series felt cheap, Joker’s uniform had a slightly more expensive feel, which lacked some of the details the character is known for today, but still portrayed the character well. The quality of the fabric certainly helped.


5 Gotham – Jerome (2014-2019)

There have been a few different Joker developments in the context of the TV show. Gotham, because that’s the general premise of the show. While Jerome might have deserved a more fitting ending, his Joker’s design was absolutely inspired but still broke with tradition. He has worn many costumes throughout his time.

The most distinctive version of Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan, featured a tailored red suit with a yellow flower and intricate outfit detailing. It was like a Joker who had found his feet, and there was no makeup used to remove the scars and the smile that has become such a defining feature of the character. It was really a bright but unique look.

4 Joker (2019)

Willem Dafoe wants to play an impostor in Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

Joaquin Phoenix, in one of his best roles, created a different variant of Joker, who didn’t fight Batman the same way, nor was he the kingpin of crime that the character was. in comics. The costume itself, however, was heavily influenced by what was seen on the page.

Bright colors have been carefully chosen, with yellow, green, blue and red all making up the primary colors, clashing in garish fashion. The suit itself seems like the most expensive thing Arthur has ever bought, and while he wasn’t fooled, it’s not hard to imagine a few blades and other such sewn-in weapons. The costume doesn’t quite capture the Joker. fans are familiar with, however.

3 Gotham – Jeremiah (2014-2019)

joker gotham

Jeremiah was Jerome’s twin and the second incarnation of the Joker, played by the same actor. While he briefly boasted of a purple costume that felt truly true to the character, it was his final look that became the most impressive, combining a number of familiar outfits.

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There’s a bit of every Joker in this costume, from the colors used to the type of costume that was fashioned. The yellow gloves are a brilliant touch, and the prosthetics used to turn Jeremiah into a clown-like monster are nothing short of exceptional. Sadly, this incarnation still hasn’t become as iconic as the ones that have been shown on the big screen, despite the beauty of the design.

2 Batman (1989)

Joker delivers the "wash your tights" quote

Jack Nicholson is one of the most famous actors to take on the role of Joker and truly left his own unique legacy on the character. The wardrobe for this iteration of the Harlequin of Hate was nothing short of exceptional, with every detail from flower to cane thought out with great intricacy.

The orange and purple was a combination rarely seen in live-action but worked effectively, while the hat is one of the few times a helmet has been used and done very well. The Joker’s smile and white skin really pull the look together, and there’s no shortage of great gags stored in the suit, much like in the comics.

1 The Dark Knight (2008)

Joker in a holding cell in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker is exceptional in every way, and the character’s look married with the tone of the film and the kind of performance the actor was going for. There is realism in the room and, yet, something quite whimsical with the choice of colors.

There are even a few tricks hidden throughout the costume, like the knife in the boot, and it all falls into place once that longer jacket graces the wardrobe. Add to that the unique makeup, and the result is a Joker costume that pays homage to the source material and tells the story of that particular character, while bringing something new to the table.

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