All 28 DC Gotham Knights Costumes Have Been Revealed

28 New Bat Family Costume Designs Have Been Revealed For The Upcoming Gotham Knights Game. As expected, players can choose from interesting and nostalgic designs, reminiscent of different eras of Batman stories. All of these models are available for players to customize however they see fit, with a variety of masks, gauntlets, and color combinations to choose from for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

Although not much is known about Gotham Knights story, it was revealed that it will take place after Batman’s death. Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and Robin band together to fight the ensuing resurgence of crime and must contend with villains like Mister Freeze and The Court of Owls, a secret shadow society. Each member of the Bat Family plays differently, with different styles of combat and stealth, which guarantees a wide variety of gameplay. Additionally, each will have fully customizable gear and special suits that the player can adjust to their aesthetic and gameplay preferences.


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Gotham Knights Developer WB Games Montreal has unveiled 28 new costumes coming to the game for IGN. With a mix of nostalgic costumes and new-age designs, the game is expected to feature a wide array of non-traditional Batman costumes, with a particular focus on personal customization. Contrary to Batman: Arkhamwhere Rocksteady took DC costumes straight from the comics or live action, Gotham Knights offers completely original designs that combine different influences. Here’s a first look at each of the new costume sets revealed for each character.

Updated classics are revealed in Gotham Knights Eternal costume style

Gotham Knights Eternal Costume Style

The first is the “Eternal” costume set. What’s interesting about each set is that various artists from around the world have been hired to design them, each contributing their take on the iconic Bat Family looks. In this case, the inspiration can be seen in Robin’s outfit which is reminiscent of Robin’s famous Red Robin costume, which he wore as a graduation from the more traditional colors he wore as Batman’s sidekick. Gotham Knights is inspired by Batman comics and other media to create a distinct, yet familiar, visual style for his costumes, and the Eternal costume style is indicative of this.

Gotham Knights Reinvents The Bat Family With The Shinobi Suit

The Shinobi costume style is an eclectic theme perhaps inspired by the relatively recent ninja batman film. However, these are not drawings taken directly from the film. The Shinobi style appears to be a more modern take on the shinobi aesthetic inspired by feudal Japan. What’s interesting is that in these images, players can see shinobi-style weapons in the hands of the Bat Family, indicating that the weapons themselves can also be customized in costume styles, in addition to their loot stats.

Relive the 90s with Gotham Knights Batman Beyond futuristic costumes

Gotham Knights Beyond Suitstyle

The Beyond costume style draws heavily from batman beyond, a late ’90s cartoon featuring a teenage Batman trained by an elderly Bruce Wayne set in a futuristic Gotham. Dark tones and futuristic black elements can be seen in these much darker suits which closely resemble Terry McGinnis’ Batman suit in Batman Beyondwhich was all black and had a striking red bat symbol, as well as unique features like a cloaking device. These costumes resemble the unique Beyond style costume created for Batman: Arkham Knight, which mixed Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse suit with futuristic elements. These designs have been the subject of criticism in the past, so it will be interesting to see how players respond to them when Gotham Knights versions.

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While a batman beyond game tracking Arkham Knight may never happen despite the hopes of some gamers, those looking to scratch this batman beyond itch may be able to make it in Gotham Knights. It won’t be quite the same as playing as Terry McGinnis and flying around Neo Gotham with rocket boosters and a flying Batmobile (which really has to happen in a game at some point), but it shows at least there is still interest in this interpretation. Hopefully once WB is done with Gotham Knightshe will be able to revisit his canceled futuristic Damian Wayne Batman game.

Gotham Knights Neon Noir costumes feature cool Batgirl and Robin costumes

Neon Noir is an interesting take on the traditional jumpsuit seen in previous Batman Games. This costume style has the Bat Family in what appears to be an urban take on their signature jumpsuits, complete with lots of knee pads, buckles, and skintight jumpsuits. The name itself is a play on the “neo-noir” genre – something a lot of Batman media slots easily into. The gritty, realistic version of the Batsuit in 2021 The Batman the film could be seen alongside in this style of costume, which offers a grounded approach to Bat-family attire.

Of the costumes highlighted in the Neon Noir costume style, Robin and Batgirl arguably have the coolest. Tim Drake’s traditional Robin outfit has been replaced with a stylish combination of jacket and sportswear. Batgirl’s follows a similar theme, drawing more inspiration from Babs Tarr’s iconic New 52 redesign while giving Barbara Gordon a fresh cut in the process.

Gotham Knights DC Heroes Go Military With Knight Ops Costumes

Knight Ops appears to be a costume style with a heavy militaristic theme and inspiration. It should be noted that each costume style is not purely aesthetic. Associated to Gotham Knights‘ RPG game systems, equipment will play an important role. As noted by the developers in the reveal, each costume style will have its own set of stats and specialties meant to make each one unique. Despite this, there are still multiple aspects of customization in each suit. As noted in the reveal, various aspects of each costume style can be customized, including each character’s hood/mask, to suit players’ aesthetic tastes.

Gotham Knights Costumes – Year One Shows Original Bat Family Costumes

Gotham Knights Year One Costume Style

Year One’s costume style harks back to each hero’s origin story, which the term “Year One” is meant to represent. Befitting a Year One story, these costume styles appear to be an artistic reimagining of each Bat-Family member’s original costume, adjusted to fit the new, un-Batman: Arkham universe of Gotham Knights. As such, they have a much more improvised and almost civilian look; Batgirl’s incorporates police batons and body armor, while Red Hood has a simple leather jacket. Nightwing sports a more traditional look here, while Robin once again deviates from his classic costume.

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Year One costumes themselves may not match the context of Gotham Knights‘ story – which sees the Bat family’s years in their respective crime-fighting careers – but they still have a lot of aesthetic appeal. Red Hood’s look is true to the comics, and Nightwing’s looks seem to fit right into the source material as well. There’s a lot of new stuff in there, but they all have familiar elements that are sure to appeal to some players.

The Gotham Knights KnightWatch set was designed by DC artist Jim Lee

Gotham Knights Knightwatch Suitstyle

The KnightWatch costume style recalls the oldest classic costumes for each of Gotham Knights‘ playable DC heroes. Each is even lit in a way that harkens back to the old comic book style each is drawn from. Unlike the other costumes on this list, the KnightWatch set is a transmog set. Transmogs, as the developers explain, are graphical overlays that players can use to replace a suit’s appearance while maintaining its stats. This allows the player to fully customize their characters without sacrificing their gameplay. For those looking for a more classic look in Gotham KnightsKnightWatch is perhaps the best choice.

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Source: IGN, IGN/YouTube

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