A Pokemon Fan Does The Games Perfectly With Cats, Costumes And Playsets

A creative Pokemon fan has recreated the Pocket Monsters play experience with the help of their two cats as well as DIY playsets and costumes.

A devoted, pet-loving fan Pokemon recently recreated the Pocket Monsters play experience using their custom cats, costumes, and playsets. Last year the Pokemon The brand celebrated its 25th anniversary as it remains a pop culture mainstay thanks to a dedicated fanbase and a steady stream of content across multiple mediums.

Over the years, fans have shown their love for the franchise in a slew of tributes that often see the Pocket Monsters crossover with other well-known intellectual properties in fan art. It is a wide range that extends from the tastes of Pokemon as Ring of Elden monsters to see the same creatures through a Marvel-inspired lens. Then there are times when fans just show their love for the franchise all on their own and produce amazing works of art such as a Pokemon tapestry that took 8 years to complete.

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The latest addition to the vast catalog of Pokemon the tributes come from Reddit user GoroandLuca. With the help of their two cats as well as DIY costumes and playsets, the Reddit user was able to perfectly create the Pokemon full gaming experience with “start” menu as well as the iconic process of selecting a starter Pokemon. GoroandLuca provided a link in the comments to a longer version on the Costume Cat YouTube channel that summarizes more of the video games; the video includes gym battles, grinding, and wild encounters.

This is not the first time that the stars of this Pokemon hobbies were part of a tribute to well-known intellectual property. They have also appeared in several mario videos made in a similar style as well as one for Zelda. The pair of cats have also expanded beyond the world of Nintendo for the likes of star wars, Minecraftand more.

As stated in the comments on Reddit and YouTube, this Pokemon tribute hits the tone perfectly for which it goes. This creator clearly has a lot of practice when it comes to creating these types of videos, and they should be credited for all the work that needs to be put into this type of production. It takes a lot of patience to not only create the sets and costumes by hand, but also to get enough usable footage with the animals that conveys the feeling they’re trying to create. There will likely be many more videos with these feline stars in the future, but it remains to be seen what IPs they will adopt next.

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Source: GoroandLuca/Reddit, Costume Cat/YouTube

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