7 Best Luke Skywalker Costumes In The Entire Franchise, Ranked

There are very few franchises that are half the size of star wars, let alone characters as iconic and memorable as Luke Skywalker himself. First created by george lucas and appearing in the revolutionary and changing the world A new hope In 1977, Luke Skywalker first appeared on the big screen in an all-white ensemble with the dreamy backdrop of Tatooine’s desert landscape and its two iconic suns in the distance.

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Very few have made such an impactful entrance with such an enduring outfit, though several of her costumes deserve the same kind of recognition. Much like his fashion icon mother, Luke has a wide range of stylish cuts, as well as major flops. This list is here to rank his costumes from worst to best, designed from John Mollo at Michael Kaplan.


Farmboy Chic

As far as worst outfits go, this one honestly isn’t bad, and as mentioned before, it’s definitely her most easily recognizable costume. The outfit was designed to better suit Luke’s surroundings and occupation as a humidity producer, which means it’s not really meant to be the ultra-sleek and flamboyant futuristic garment. nine that is usually found in science fiction and is rather more used, shabby. , and reflecting the isolated world of Luke. The outfit was also influenced by Japanese fashion, with loose robes found in samurai and farmer wardrobes.

As useful as the outfit is, it’s still quite ill-fitting, and much like her gooey color scheme, there’s not much flavor here. Marc Hamil really manages to sell him because of how good he looks in the original trilogy (his signature 70s fluffy blonde curls might even give Farrah Fawcett a run for its money) but the outfit itself really isn’t much to write home about. It’s memorable, of course, but Luke really did better.

Survive a plane crash, but make it fashionable

A vision in orange, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing pilot uniform is a perfect addition to any Rebel space fighter’s wardrobe and fits right into the iconic Star Wars space look without making it look too much. entertaining or otherworldly. His matching helmet with the light orange almost yellow visor is just as fabulous and helps bring the whole thing together.

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Luke doesn’t usually wear a lot of color in the movies, as he usually sticks to the familiar colors of blacks, whites, and various dazzling neutrals ranging from exciting gray-beige to eggshell-beige, so see him in a color as bright as orange is always a nice surprise.

Ready Ski Resort

Finding an outfit suitable for Hoth’s harsh climate and making sure you don’t freeze to death is hard enough work, but making sure that said cut is consistent and stylish? It is an even greater task. Luke luckily manages to pull it off on both counts, and wears an outfit he can wear on the slopes of a five-star ski resort, as well as inside the hot corpse of a tauntaun to help reduce the risk. of hypothermia.

Snowbunny Luke may be used to the arid, dry planet of Tatooine, but sometimes an innate sense of style comes in handy not only for surviving different biomes and battling the yeti-like wampa, but also for ensuring your look is just as icy-cold as the outside air.

silver fox jedi

Appearing for the first time in decades, Luke makes a dramatic return to the big screen with 2015 the force awakens in a much more refined and sophisticated version of his first outfit, matching the color scheme and styling of the original, but with a more tailored fit that helps to further display the fully formed Jedi identity and fashion sense of Luke.

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Draped in a large coat that he dramatically and elegantly lifts to reveal his flowing silver locks with a smile that even Tyra Banks would find intimidating, Luke is the epitome of aging like fine wine and allows your fashion to flourish alongside your maturity and skills. It’s simple but clean, with a silhouette that clearly defines Luke as a wise mentor figure for Rey in the sequel trilogy, much like Obi-Wan once was in the original movie trilogy (although he doesn’t). doesn’t look as pretty).

Red carpet glamor

As mentioned earlier, Luke doesn’t usually experiment with color, so seeing him in yellow is just as exciting the first time around as the 500th. Worn at the end of the first film when he receives a medal from Princess Leia next to Han Solo and Chewbacca, who don’t even try wear a new outfit for such a special occasion. We can give Chewbacca a pass since he’s not even wearing clothes, but Han really has no excuse – where’s his style?

Luke looks so cute in his jacket and even wears black knee-high boots that manage to match Han’s (which are even cuter) and his medal really shines against his black shirt and complements the yellow nicely. I wish Luke wore more color in the movies, but the little splashes we get are always nice to see.

Chanel Boots

The fit to end all fits, all-black, all-matching, all-killer Luke costume worn in the original trilogy finale film, Return of the Jedi is undoubtedly Luke’s best and is the perfect look when you have to try and convince your evil dad to leave the dark side and stop terrorizing the galaxy, and he still manages to look good doing it. Luke’s choice to wear black is a clear juxtaposition to his earlier all-white outfits, showing his growth as a person and Jedi and his reluctance to follow in his father’s footsteps and be seduced by the power of the dark side.

Luke is costumed parallel to that of Darth Vadersignature black robes, with only a small addition of white inside his shirt to highlight the remaining light and good that lives strongly within Luke, as well as his father. Luke understands very well that your words are only as good as your outfit, and you can’t even begin to overthrow an evil galactic empire without shaking new kicks like knee-high riding boots from Chanel.

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