19 Baby Halloween Costumes That Are So Cute They’re Scary

What’s better than eating a bunch of pumpkin-shaped Reese’s while drinking mulled wine on a porch? Eating a bunch of pumpkin-shaped Reese and drinking mulled wine on a porch with an adorable little baby in a tiny UPS uniform.

From cuddly animal sweaters with ears and tails to semi-ironic adult costumes made for a baby, we’ve rounded up the cutest baby Halloween outfits on the internet. (Some options are highly rated by customers, and some that had no reviews were just too cute to pass up.)

While new parents may not have the time (or the dough) to wrap their little one in a giant avocado costume, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, neighbors and/or friends surely do. What better way to celebrate a munchkin’s first Halloween than to send them a little boxer costume with little red gloves and fake tattoos, then ask for 100 photos of the costume in action?

Brighten up your block on October 31st with one of these adorable baby costumes – you and anyone who sees it will be glad you did.

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