14 Times This Mom Of 3 Has Nailed Her Cosplay Costumes As Seen In These Side-by-Side Pictures (New Pics)

They say it’s never too late to start doing something in life. And that’s even more true if you’re very passionate about something.

Well, meet Solange Nascimento Amorim, better known by her cosplay name Tia Sol, a 55-year-old mother of three and proud grandmother who does awesome cosplay of a slew of anime characters and characters. other fictional characters.

Although she is a local cosplayer based in Brazil, her charm has taken over the world and she has become an international star online. Bored Panda has covered her cosplay before, but since then she kept coming up with new costume designs and images, prompting Part 2. To date, her Instagram page has nearly 11,000 followers.

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“It all started with my daughter. I always took her to events, but I never thought about cosplaying because I didn’t like taking pictures,” Tia Sol shared of her origins. idea in an interview with bored panda. “I had depression and didn’t like how I looked because I was short and chubby.”

She continued, “But one day a friend of mine asked me, ‘Sol, would you dare to cosplay?’ I said yes. She even doubted it. But I went home, I talked to my children and they encouraged me! I developed the idea and looked for the character that suited me.

“I was on the Granny from Looney Tunes, I had the clothes, I bought the wig and I also had Sylvester the cat and Tweety the bird made. So everything was ready and I went to the event, but I couldn’t enter because I was so scared of what people might say. But, people started coming to take pictures with me. I even participated in the cosplay parade and I took 1st place. I was very afraid of being rejected by the teenagers, but on the contrary, I was well received!”

Tia Sol explained that she enjoys cosplaying anime, comics, and series that she likes to watch, and that she mainly focuses on those that many have already forgotten.

But it’s not an easy task, mind you. And for Tia Sol, it’s all about the details:

“The most difficult thing is to make the clothes with all the fine details according to the character: the detail of the hair, the shoes and the accessories. For that, I have to look everywhere, and I don’t always find it. But this is where the creativity of painting clothes, details and shoes comes into play.”

“But there’s also the rewarding part, which is when you arrive at the event and you see people coming up to you and asking to take a picture, seeing the joy on their faces, bringing the character to life.”

Tia Sol also told us that she had the most fun cosplaying Yubaba from Spirited Away and Muriel, the owner of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

“Never stop doing what you love for fear of mean comments. Cosplay made me love myself more, it made me see how beautiful I am as a person. I don’t do cosplay only for events, however, I also visit hospitals, orphanages. Bringing love and joy to those who need it most is very rewarding. Never let the child in you die, it doesn’t. ‘there is no age to do what you love, there is no age to be happy,’ concluded Tia Sol.

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Our interview with Tia Sol has been translated from Portuguese.