10 Worst Villain Costumes In Shonen Anime, Ranked

Shonen anime is full of creative character designs, especially when it comes to villains. While shonen villains generally go about their heinous deeds in style, some wear costumes that don’t look entirely menacing or functional. These costumes can have the unintended effect of making their wearers look stupid and non-threatening.

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They can also distract viewers during crucial battles or even emotional scenes. Other costumes, while they may be functional, look odd or look out of place in the anime they are in. Poorly designed, aesthetically unappealing, or physically impractical, these villain costumes can make viewers laugh or just confuse them.

ten Legato wears asymmetrical shoulder pads (Trigun)

Legato Bluesummers is one of the main antagonists of Trigun. After receiving Vash’s severed arm, he gains the power to control people telepathically. A nasty sadist, he puts on a long white trench coat with asymmetrical shoulders.

However, Legato sometimes looks silly rather than menacing, as it looks like he’s wearing huge shoulder pads. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation of the manga just doesn’t do Legato justice in terms of appearance, nor does it take the time to properly explain his motivations or explore his convoluted backstory.

9 Android 13 is a walking stereotype (Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!)

Although there are many questionable character designs in the dragonball franchise, Android 13 from Dragon Ball Z: Awesome Android 13! is one of the most obvious. He wears a hat with “Red Ribbon” written on it. Although the Red Ribbon Army is a villainous bunch, Red Ribbon is also a popular beer brand in real life.

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Android 13 also wears a small vest, high-waisted pants with suspenders, and boots. It’s clear that Android 13’s casual look is inspired by rural fashion. Not only is her outfit poorly designed, but it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and feels very out of place in the anime world.

8 Spinner seems to belong to another series (My Hero Academia)

Spinner, also known as Shuichi Iguchi, is an antagonist associated with the League of Villains in my hero academia. One of the most memorable villains, Spinner has a reptile-like appearance with green skin and scales.

For his villain costume, he is inspired by Stain and wears clothes similar to him. However, he ends up looking silly – his blue polka dot top clashes with his green skin and bright pink-purple hair. Additionally, his reptile mask and appearance make him look like an off-brand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

seven Bentham’s outfit is really bad (One Piece)

A play has some of the most eccentric and absurd character designs in shonen anime. As Bentham, also known as Bon Clay, eventually becomes an ally and friend to the Straw Hat Pirates, he is first introduced as a villain during the Alabasta Saga.

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Bentham wears an elaborate ballet-themed costume, with large protruding collars and swan wings. The garish pink and blue ensemble also looks impractical. The bottoms, in particular, seem hard to move and are oddly shaped to look like a giant diaper.

6 Ghiaccio’s position is strong but strange (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ghiaccio is a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni. He is one of the few who can wear his Stand as a costume. His stand, White Album, covers his entire body, making Ghiaccio a villain wearing a traditional costume.

While White Album is powerful and useful, it’s quite odd. The Stand takes the form of a tight white bodysuit with contrasting green and pink detailing and a yellow visor. The look is complete with a pink swirl across the forehead and tapers that resemble cat ears.

5 Kikyo Zoldyck’s Outfit Makes No Sense (Hunter X Hunter)

Although she is Killua’s mother, Kikyo Zoldyck is an antagonistic figure in Hunter X Hunter. To make Killua a skilled assassin, she subjected him to horrible tortures and then tried to stop him from leaving with Gon.

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Kikyo has one of the weirdest outfit choices in the series, wearing a full-length dress, an extravagant tall hat, and an electronic device covering her eyes. This outfit is very impractical for her profession as an assassin as it makes her stand out, and the bustle of her dress definitely limits her mobility.

4 Vidaldus Taka’s costume is dangerous to himself (Fairy Tail)

In Fairy tale, Vidaldus Taka is a member of the Trinity Raven, an evil group led by Jellal. Vidaldus is distinguished by his unique Heavy Metal-inspired appearance. He embodies that aesthetic with both his looks and his personality, and it feels very out of place on the show.

Wearing no top, he dons shoulder pads and cuffs with large spikes, purple tights, and bright boots. His lack of spinning puts him at risk in battle, and his spikes are impractical as he constantly runs the risk of impaling himself.

3 Shinobu Sensui’s armor makes him look ridiculous (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Shinobu Sensui, also known as Black Angel, is a prominent villain in Yu Yu Hakusho. Although he usually wears a rather understated outfit, his Holy Energy Armor is a different story.

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While his offensive armor consists of a dark outfit with a spiky piece of blue armor on his chest, his defensive armor is yellow and protrudes from his shoulders. Strap-like pieces extend the armor to its lower half, and he wears a droopy banana-shaped hat. In these forms, Sensui loses his menacing nature and looks rather ridiculous.

2 Sugarboy’s armor is poorly designed (Fairy Tail)

Captain of the Edolas Royal Army, Sugarboy is another strangely dressed antagonist. Fairy tale. He wears light pink armor, but it leaves his midsection and rear completely exposed. This design makes no sense, as it gives Sugarboy’s enemies the perfect place to attack.

To top it off, he wears a long white cape and combs his hair into a pompadour. With odd protruding shoulders and spikes on his arms and knees, his armor is oddly shaped and seems designed more for “style” than protection.

1 Wonderweiss looks more humorous than powerful (Bleach)

Wonderweiss Margela is a villain in Bleach, an Arrancar under the command of Sosuke Aizen. While Wonderweiss looks fine in her normal state, her appearance significantly transforms into her Resurrección form. His shoulders increase dramatically in size as his hips stick out, and he wears a large mask that just looks awkward.

Instead of looking more powerful than ever, he looks oddly inhuman, and many viewers find his form quite funny. He looks more like a fragile work of art than someone strong enough to take on Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

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