10 Worst Villain Costumes In Dragon Ball, Ranked

Akira Toriyama dragonball took Goku and Earth’s heroes on outlandish adventures and pitted them against dark forces for nearly four decades. The anime always finds effective ways to up the stakes and the sense of danger, which has led to some incredibly powerful villains.

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There are many factors to consider when it comes to an intimidating antagonist. Still, it’s certainly a lot harder to take a villain seriously if his appearance is a disaster. dragonball has several villains where fashion and style are obviously not at the top of their priorities.

ten Ginyu strength steals his style from others

One of the most popular villain outfits, especially during the first half of Dragon Ball Z, is the Saiyan battle armor worn by Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, and even Frieza’s entire army. This look extends to the Ginyu Force, Frieza’s top mercenary group. This uniformity makes sense for the Ginyu Force, but it’s sadly bland.

The Ginyu Force have such a passion for performance and acting that it’s surprising they don’t apply that level of enthusiasm to their wardrobe. With five members, each of their outfits might even collectively spell the word “GINYU.”

9 The Heeter Force features quaint matching costumes

The dragonball The universe is incredibly vast and there are always new species and organizations emerging from the shadows. The final story arc of Dragon Ball Super The manga looks at the Heeter Force, which aligned with Frieza in the past, but ultimately plans to overthrow the tyrant and become the dominant forces in the galaxy.

Gas, Oil, Elec and Macki make up this conniving crew that manipulates Granolah for a long time. Their traditional outfits seem almost ceremonial in nature. They’re far from the worst, and their red design goes well with the Heeter’s blue complexion, but they’re also simpler.

8 Goku Black’s Dark Gi Is A Predictable Costume Choice

The concept of an evil doppelganger is a common trope that has been explored in many anime series, and dragonball has drawn from this well several times. Goku Black’s Dragon Ball Super is one of the most successful attempts at this premise, largely due to the mystery surrounding Zamasu’s master plan.

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It wouldn’t be very exciting if Goku Black’s outfit was identical to regular Goku’s, but the direction taken instead isn’t much better. The black and gray gi that Goku Black wears is far from an awful costume, but it’s a pretty obvious look for a character who goes by the name of Goku Black.

seven Super Baby’s Parasitic Possession Of Vegeta Grows In The Wrong Way

Dragon Ball GT continues to have a mixed reception within the fandom, but it deserves credit for some of the biggest swings it takes and its attempts to return to classic concepts and characters. Baby possesses Vegeta and forces Goku to face him again in battle.

There’s no doubt that Super Baby Vegeta looks like a villain, but his outfit is quite odd when carefully examined. The costume highlights a thick vest-like top with shoulder pads with matching bracers and boots. It doesn’t really make sense, but it works aesthetically with Vegeta’s now pale complexion and white hair color.

6 Android 13’s attire borders on the stereotype

Androids become a constant source of conflict in dragonball, and the seventh Dragon Ball Z film, Super Android 13!, features Androids 13, 14, and 15, along with their superpowered fusion. The clothes still seem somewhat superfluous for the androids, but this trio of androids all feature unique looks.

Android 13 wears a comically tiny vest and a trucker cap that announces the red ribbon. This costume is so reminiscent of a certain lower-class stereotype that the English dub can’t help but lean into it when it comes to Android 13’s characterization.

5 Universe 9’s Danger Trio Has Looks That Feel Like Afterthoughts

One of the greatest joys of Dragon Ball Super it’s how it expands the series into a multiverse that brings dozens of powerful characters into the mix. The Tournament of Power, a multiversal battle royale, is the culmination of this, and many individual fighters from different universes get a chance to shine.

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Universe 9 features a trio of Lupine warriors known as the Trio of Danger. Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil aren’t beyond ruthless combat tactics, but their fashion sense is just as embarrassing. Less can be more, but the headscarf pattern for these three is quite forgettable.

4 Red commander and black officer turn world domination into office work

The Red Ribbon Army has become a considerable threat that crosses every dragonball series in one form or another, and they are even central to the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes feature film. Commander Red and Staff Officer Black are at the top of the chain of command for this evil organization, but their outfits aren’t particularly exciting.

Red and black are dressed in a standard suit and tie combo, as if going to an office job. Granted, it’s out of place with the roles they play, but it’s still a disappointing look. Commander Red’s eye patch is an attempt at something different, but it feels like a joke.

3 Frough gets lost in a loose dress

Lots of filler in Dragon Ball Z is rightfully dismissed, but Goku’s exploits in the Otherworld Tournament are a refreshing change of pace that presents some particularly creative competition for Goku.

The most striking thing about Froug is that he’s basically an anthropomorphic frog, but costume-wise he’s hidden under baggy clothes that lack personality. Froug’s suit also becomes useless after he inflates to a gargantuan size, which is perhaps why he pays so little attention to his battle looks.

2 Kid Buu’s outfit doesn’t have much to do and looks incomplete

A curious detail about dragonball is that many of the main villains of Dragon Ball Z don’t wear any clothes. Cell and Frieza’s final forms are mostly naked, and while Buu isn’t much of an exception here, the character’s minimalistic look is almost worse in some ways.

Kid Buu’s costume consists of loose pants and armbands marked with the Majin insignia. There just isn’t enough for this look, which isn’t terrible, but could also be considerably more creative. Super Buu is certainly the most interesting when he appropriates the outfits of the characters he absorbs.

1 Spopovich is dressed like it’s laundry day and he has nothing to wear

Some villains just won’t be interested in spending time on their looks, which can even be scary in its own way. Numbers abound in dragonball who just rip their clothes off and take a simpler approach to combat.

Spopovich, one of Babidi’s Majin minions, just wears an awkward black leotard that struggles to contain his severe waistline. Yamu, her possessed partner, also has a lazy look contained in light pants, but it still manages to be striking in its own way. The same is not true for Spopovich.

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