10 Worst Hero Costumes In Shonen Anime, Ranked

Character development and personality are the most essential ingredients to creating a good anime character, but their costume is what really helps them stand out. A well-thought-out costume is instantly recognizable. A good example of this is Tanjiro’s plaid jacket in demon slayer.

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However, it’s also important that a costume be functional and make sense for the universe the character exists in, which a lot of anime tend to fail. A costume might look good and might be fun for fans to cosplay, but if it misrepresents the character, lacks common sense, or is just plain boring, then it can’t really be called a good costume.

ten Koga does not stand out (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha has tons of amazing outfits that reflect the time period the anime is set in. Some outfits are incredibly elaborate while others are simple but still interesting. Not to mention that the diversity of costumes does a great job of indicating the wealth gaps between communities.

With all those great costumes, it’s a shame Koga got so boring. To some extent, it makes sense for him to have a simple outfit, but since everyone in his clan dresses exactly like him, he ends up getting lost in the crowd. Something that reflects her higher status would suit her well and better show her character.

9 Yugi trying too hard (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yugi’s costume in Yu Gi Oh! may have worked fine aesthetically in the early 2000s, but looking at it now, it certainly hasn’t aged well. The flared jacket, multiple belts, and giant choker look comical when surrounded by normally dressed people.

It’s good for a character to stand out, but Yugi’s vibe doesn’t really sit well with everyone, so he ends up looking like a rock star surrounded by high school kids. When Yugi trades places with Yami, the outfit works a little better, but that’s mostly because Yami is actually an adult while Yugi looks like a little kid trying to cosplay for the first time.

8 Ban values ​​fashion over function (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Low-rise pants and a crop top aren’t necessarily a bad combination, unless they’re all leather. Ban’s outfit may look good on him, especially with the red, but anyone who’s tried wearing all leather knows how constricting it can be.

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Tight leather pants aren’t exactly a good choice if Ban wants to fight someone. He would probably spend more time trying to lift his legs. The other costumes of The seven deadly sins aren’t much better, but everyone seems to at least have a sense of wearing something functional. In Ban’s case, he seems to care more about fashion than function, leaving him with one of the worst suits.

seven It’s a bad choice to wear white in the desert (Trigun)

Trigun is an older series with an amazing cowboy/steampunk aesthetic. Vash the Stampede’s costume is particularly iconic and makes him look much more menacing than he actually is. While most costumes look great and work well, one in particular stands out. Meryl’s costume doesn’t look too bad, except it’s almost all white.

For someone constantly traveling through miles of desert, it seems rather impractical to wear something that gets dirty so easily. Not to mention that even the smallest speck of blood could ruin her outfit. The costume might look pretty on Meryl, but with all the cleaning she would have to do, it can’t be worth it.

6 Orange is a bad choice for a ninja (Naruto)

Naruto’s outfit from the original naruto the series is iconic. Even someone who has never seen the series can easily recognize it due to its bright colors and simplistic design. However, that bright orange color is exactly what’s wrong with the costume. It seems quite counterintuitive for a ninja who excels in stealth to wear something so loud and flashy.

Naruto might want to stand out, but it’s a bad decision for him to wear something that can be so easily spotted by his enemies. Naruto upgrades his costume once Shippudden comes around by adding some black. Still, that really doesn’t help that much.

5 Erza should never fight shirtless (Fairy Tail)

Erza from Fairy tale has dozens of different costumes, each of which varies in style. One of his worst suits in terms of function and defense has to be his Requip Clear Heart. This “armor” consists of a red hakama, which is a traditional Japanese trouser-like garment, and bandages wrapped around his chest.

Not only does this costume have no protection, there’s no way the bandages can properly support or protect his chest. Despite the costume’s cool appearance, in terms of utility, it’s one of the worst Requips Erza has ever worn.

4 Yaoyorozu shouldn’t fight in heels (My Hero Academia)

There are tons of diverse costumes in my hero academia, but when it comes to utility, female characters tend to have the short end of the stick. This is especially true for Yaoyorozu, who requires his skin to be exposed when using his Creation Quirk. However, instead of wearing something that exposes her back and stomach, she wears a suit with a plunging neckline.

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Not only does this costume offer zero support, it doesn’t really make sense considering she needs so much exposed skin. Moreover, her entire back is covered and she also wears a pair of high heels, which can’t be comfortable for fighting. Considering how cute some of the boy’s outfits are, fans can only pray that Yaoyorozu gets an upgrade.

3 The best jeanist wins the ugliest hero costume (My Hero Academia)

As one of the most serious heroes of my hero academia, it’s kind of weird that Best Jeanist ends up with the dumbest costume. Wearing head-to-toe denim can make it easier for him to use his Quirk which allows him to control the fiber of clothing, but the belt around his face is definitely not necessary.

Just like leather, denim can be incredibly restrictive and it heats up in the warmer months. Considering he’s one of the best heroes and one of the smartest, it doesn’t make sense for him to make such a poor costume choice. Then again, he tends to get stuck in his ways, so he can tell how weird his costume is and just refuses to change it.

2 Gohan had an embarrassing stint as a superhero (Dragon Ball Z)

Most fans of the original Dragon Ball Z probably forgot about Gohan’s Saiyaman costume – or they chose to forget about it. The lime green gi is bad enough, but the sunglasses and the bandana make the whole outfit ten times worse.

The long, flowing cap and giant wrestling belt also do an amazing job of making Gohan look as stupid as possible. He may think he looks cool running around in this costume during his teenage years, but chances are he will look back on this costume in his later years with embarrassment.

1 Franky has to cover up (One Piece)

The characters in A play aren’t particularly known for wearing super functional outfits. Luffy wears flip flops in every fight and Nami tends to wear super short skirts. However, these costumes pale in comparison to what Franky wears on a daily basis, which is a Hawaiian shirt with running briefs.

Franky also tends to go without shoes, which can’t be comfortable or safe considering the uncharted places the Straw Hats tend to end up in. Franky may be part robot, but considering he’s still part human, it would make more sense for him to wear something that actually covers and protects him.