10 Worst Hero Costumes In Dragon Ball, Ranked

It takes a lot of dedicated work and perseverance to turn an anime series into an evergreen hit, but there’s no end in sight for Akira Toriyama’s signature shonen series, dragonball. The fundamental principles of dragonball remain the same, but the franchise has carefully expanded its reach and evolved with the changing sensibilities of the anime industry.

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dragonball doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its powerful transformations and suspenseful battles, but the series has also established so many brave heroes since its debut. When it comes to heroism in dragonball, values, strength and teamwork are what is most essential, but the focus is always on style and aesthetics. Goku and the rest of the heroes of dragonball all have distinct outfits and designs, but the show sometimes fashions them into a weird outfit that leaves the fandom in a rage.

ten Pride Trooper outfits underestimate their importance

The growth dragonball The universe has established various institutions and groups that work to control the evil that threatens their security. The Tournament of Power unveils dozens of new warriors and some of the most dangerous individuals come from Universe 11, home of the Pride Troopers, a valiant police force that includes Jiren, Top, Dyspo and other exceptional fighters. Wearing two-tone black and red suits, the Pride Troopers have a simplistic design that ultimately diminishes this group’s impact, but they still look more memorable than the Ginyu Force.

9 The standard Galactic Patrol outfit leaves little to the imagination

Goku and the rest dragonballThe heroes of are generally skilled enough to apprehend the malevolent forces that threaten their planet. Dragon Ball Super features the Galactic Patrol, a prestigious police force that deals with the universe’s most debilitating dangers, like Planet-Eater Moro. Goku and Vegeta briefly become honorary members of the Galactic Patrol, resulting in the group’s trademark insignia being added to their existing attire. This symbol is striking, but the rest of the Galactic Patrol outfit is pretty bland and minimalistic. The purple and white color scheme doesn’t look out of place on Jaco or Merus, but there could still be more flair for this significant force.

8 Gohan’s Great Saiyaman Superhero Costume Treats The Saiyan Like A C-Lister

A major turning point in dragonball This is when Gohan enters adulthood and steps into the limelight as the show’s temporary main character following Goku’s death at the hands of Cell. One of the hallmarks of Gohan’s clumsy adolescence is when he moonlights as the street-level superhero, the Great Saiyaman.

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This alter ego is polarizing within the fandom, and Gohan’s goofy attitude when he takes on this persona hasn’t helped. The shades, the tied bandana, and the cape manage to clash with each other, making Gohan look more like a joke than a hero. Oddly enough, Videl’s Great Saiyaman 2 outfit is a more natural take on the concept.

seven Gohan’s Four-Star Dragon Ball Hat Turns Child Into Victim

Gohan has become one of the strongest and most important characters in the dragonball universe. The Saiyan’s progress is even more impressive as audiences watch him grow from a child to a legendary hero. The first time Gohan is seen is wearing a bright yellow outfit of a traditional nature, without the Dragon Ball that Goku creatively incorporated into it. This infantile look for Gohan is easy to remember, but more often than not it just makes the young child an easy target. A costume that involves an active Dragon Ball isn’t the smartest fashion choice.

6 Yamcha’s baseball uniform turns him into a regular Joe

There are so many prolific martial artists in dragonball, but we appreciate the way the franchise emphasizes that this path is not right for everyone. Yamcha understands quite early in Dragon Ball Z that he is savagely overpowered in combat, which helps him turn to baseball as a career.

Yamcha becomes a valuable member of the West City Titans, where he and the rest of Universe 7 are also forced to compete against Universe 6. Yamcha’s West City Titans uniform has a bit more personality than his more generic outfit. in Great, but neither is very exciting.

5 Fused fighter Gogeta wears confusing fashion

Fusion is an increasingly powerful procedure that is abused in dragonball, but there is still tremendous weight surrounding the prospect of two individuals combining their powers into one enhanced individual. It’s fascinating how the fusion contextualizes the different traits of each of its parties involved, and the dual voice is surprisingly effective.

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Gogeta, the fighter formed when Goku and Vegeta perform the fusion dance, oddly sports a tiny orange and black vest. This garment doesn’t reflect any of their past outfits, unlike Vegito’s clothes, and instead it looks like Gogeta’s limited outfit shrunk in the wash.

4 Bulma is forced to go on an adventure in a degrading bunny costume

Bulma isn’t one to jump into battle and defend her planet with her fists, but the character’s immense intellect has turned her into one of the show’s most important characters. Bulma’s inventions become breakthroughs for Goku and company, but the original dragonball repeatedly creates humor from Bulma’s embarrassment. One of the most extreme examples of this occurs when Bulma loses her capsule collection containing clean clothes. Oolong lends her a condescending bunny costume, which she wears under duress. This look disrespects Bulma and opens her up to rude encounters.

3 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Introduces Awkward Winter Clothes For Goku And Vegeta

The Dragon Ball Super the anime ends triumphantly with the Multiversal Tournament of Power, but the anime continued through a series of feature films like Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Super hero. Dragon Ball Super: Broly properly brings fan-favorite beefy brawler Broly into canon. A significant portion of the film places Goku, Vegeta, and other heroes on freezing ground. Rather than suffer from the elements, Saiyans wear insulated winter clothes, but this leaves the heroes looking like punks. These wintry looks are baggy, ill-fitting, and even seem to limit the characters’ mobility.

2 Goku adopts a useless blue Gi during his older years

dragonball covers a long timeline, and there have been periodic time jumps to accommodate the series’ storytelling. These time jumps are often marked by a change in the characters’ clothes, as an easy and superficial way to signify that something is different. The end of Dragon Ball Z ticks the clock forward, and when Goku returns during this time of peace, he now has a light blue gi with a white sash. This look sticks with Goku for Dragon Ball GT, which almost makes the look synonymous with the controversial sequel series. This look never connects the same as Goku’s standard orange gi.

1 Celestial deities mock Goku and Vegeta in their compromised sumo states

There’s always room for characters like Goku and Vegeta, even though they’ve gained the strength of literal gods. Goku and Vegeta are exposed to a form of intense training when Whis and Beerus agree to take them under their wings. Whis and Beerus, despite their unfathomable strength, are pretty silly and quirky characters. This matches the suits that come with their training, which turn Goku and Vegeta into beefy sumo wrestlers. These bulky suits are meant to enhance the strength of the Saiyans, but instead they turn the two heroes into punchlines.

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