10 fascinating facts about costumes, hair and makeup

From towering wigs to $4 million diamond necklaces, it’s no exaggeration to say that Bridgerton achieved some of the most epic fashion on television. the Bridgerton The hair, makeup and costume team uniquely infuses Regency era fashion with modern beauty trends. The result is an inspiring new take on period fashion.

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Not only were hairstylists, makeup artists, and costume designers working to incorporate historically accurate looks, but they were also creating Easter eggs to share details about each look’s story and main characters. Their creativity and artistic sense are truly impressive.


Family colors and symbols

The Bridgertons and the Featheringtons wear colors that symbolize their family values.

Bridgerton cleverly uses color and symbols to represent different family values. Bridgertons wear cool shades of blue, cream, green and lilac to represent their high status in society. Frequent symbols in Bridgerton’s wardrobe and household include bumblebees, representing the death of Lord Edmund, and tulips, Lady Violet’s favorite flowers.

The Featheringtons wear bright citrus-colored robes that are heavily embellished with embroidery and beadwork. Their wardrobe makes the family stand out at social events and shows off the family’s ostentatious personality. Even in mourning, the Featherington women’s dresses are still colorful, though muted with black. The butterfly is a common symbol seen in the Featherington women’s dresses and the staircase of their home to represent transformation.

Kate Sharma’s natural look

Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma Bridgerton season 2

Kate Sharma, Bridgerton Season 2’s friendliest character, is known to be very active and on the go. As such, makeup artists and hairstylists wanted her look to feel low-maintenance but still glamorous. Kate’s look also has a more natural and athletic feel than the other characters.

With her hair slicked back, she looks like she’s ready to take a ride or play at the mall anytime. As Kate begins to open up more to Anthony, her clothes become softer and her makeup enriches to reflect her growing love.

The colors of Penelope

Penelope mainly wears yellow under the guidance of her mother although she mentions several times that she dislikes the color. The color reflects alternate aspects of Penelope’s personality: the bright, cheerful side she displays for friends like Colin, and her deceitful, envious, and sometimes enlightened side she displays as Lady Whistledown.

Penelope begins to move away from the color yellow in Season 2 and begins wearing more pink, a color associated with love and kindness. This may represent the beginning of a change for Penelope! In one of the biggest surprises of Bridgerton season 2, Eloise finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. Now that her secret has been revealed to her closest friend, I hope she will move beyond deception and be able to live more in the happy aspects of yellow or go completely pink.

Queen Charlotte’s retro fashion

Fashion at Queen Charlotte's court in Bridgerton compared to real life.

Queen Charlotte’s fashion is noticeably different from the rest of the Ton women in Bridgerton. This is historically accurate as the real Queen Charlotte preferred the fashions of her youth. Where the show differs is in the way the ladies dress when they attend court. During her time in power, Queen Charlotte abided by the rules that dictated hoop skirts, trains and white ostrich feathers to be worn at court.

The Regency style shown in Bridgerton is accurate with slim, a-line, empire-waisted dresses evoking the draped look of a Greek goddess, however, when ladies attended court, they wore very odd garments that combined this style with the demands of the court . This resulted in a dress with an empire waistline and a full circled skirt.

Anthony’s clean cut

Anthony's hair has symbolic meaning in Bridgerton.

Anthony’s sideburns and season 1 long hair were known as Brutus during the Regency period. This combination of hairstyle and facial hair seemed to mimic Greek warriors and Roman senators. This look is symbolic of Anthony’s role as head of the Bridgerton family. His actions in Season 1 show Anthony’s attempts to demonstrate his power and strength in his role, however, he still has a lot to learn.

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In Season 2, Anthony emerges with a clean new look. His sideburns are tame, as is his hair. This polished new style reflects her efforts to clean up and take her family responsibilities more seriously. By the end of Season 2, Anthony has become a leader and no longer needs hair for facade.

Make-up Pat McGrath

The Bridgerton makeup was sponsored by Pat McGrath in Season 2.

Pat McGrath Labs was the official makeup sponsor for Bridgerton season 2. In an interview with Byrdie, Pat McGrath said it was “love at first swoon” when she first watched Bridgerton. “I have always been obsessed with Regency beauty and was thrilled to interpret the era with modern homage.” McGrath and the show’s lead makeup artist, Erika Okvist, are responsible for helping create the flawless complexions and dramatic glowing eyes that define Bridgerton’s beauty aesthetic.

Fans can now recreate their favorite looks using the Bridgerton-Pat McGrath-themed makeup line launched after the release of Season 2. The line is not only lavishly packaged, but has also received positive reviews.

Sharma’s Indian fashion-inspired dresses and jewelry

Mary Edwina and Kate in Bridgerton Season 2 prepare for Edwina's wedding.

There are many subtle details about Bridgerton costumes that help tell the story and paint more detailed pictures of each character’s personality. Such details can be seen in Sharma’s dresses and jewelry inspired by traditional Indian fashion.

Sharmas wear bright colors such as teals, rich purples, oranges and pinks. The fabrics of their dresses are typically Indian silk and include patterns more common in Indian prints. Indian fashion has even been incorporated into the trimmings and accessories of each outfit, including gold trimmings, sleeve forms and pashminas, as well as rose gold jewelry.

Queen Charlotte’s wigs

Some of Queen Charlotte's many wigs on Bridgerton

Queen Charlotte’s wigs in the show are another aspect of the Queen’s ensembles that set her apart from other women, not only as a fashion statement, but also as a status symbol. A powder tax was introduced in the kingdom during the Georgian period which caused wigs to go out of fashion for everyone but the upper class by the regency period.

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Queen Charlotte wears a different wig for each outfit that has been uniquely designed by a great team of hairstylists. The team achieved architectural feats with the design of each wig by discovering new ways to weave the hair and making the wig light enough to prevent Golda Rousheuvel from tipping over.

Kate wears Bridgerton blue


One of the colors Kate wears most often is blue, which foreshadows her eventual joining of the Bridgerton family. Blue in the series is associated with the status and luxury of the Bridgertons and Kate wearing this color shows that she cares about these things as well, even though she tries to deny it in the first half of the season.

At Kate’s first prom, she wears a powder blue dress that almost exactly matches Eloise’s dress. This pale blue is frequently worn by other Bridgerton women, including Violet and Daphne. When Kate and Anthony go hunting together, they’re perfectly matched in deep blue velvet, a color frequently worn by men in Bridgerton.

Characters “let their hair down” as the season progresses

Kate and Edwina "let their hair down" as they fall in love.

One of the behind-the-scenes secrets of Bridgerton season 2 is that Edwina, Kate, and Penelope begin to “let their hair down” throughout the season as their stories progress. As their personal life changes and they grow, their beauty changes with them. In scenes where the characters are more open and happy, the audience will notice loose strands. As each character loosens up and unfolds from episode to episode, their clothes, makeup, and hair become more flowing, shiny, and free.

Kate’s journey provides a prime example. At the start of the season, she is adamant in her desire to help Edwina find love, and her hair is always tied tightly in a bun. As Kate begins to fall in love, she has more and more scenes with loose locks and braids. At the end of season 2, once she’s married and head over heels in love, she wears her hair completely down.

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