10 Costumes Spider-Man Should Wear In The MCU

Spider-Man has one of the most iconic looks in superhero history. Her blue and red outfit is recognizable to people all over the world. It’s such a simple and iconic look that it’s easily adaptable to new variations throughout the character’s history.

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The MCU has done a great job adapting some of Spider-Man’s most famous costumes over his many appearances. Modern updates on the classic look, the Ditko suit and the Iron Spider graced the big screen. Still, there are plenty more costumes that Spidey has donned still available for adaptation.


Spider-Armor Mk 1

There are several versions of the Spider-Armor, but the Mk 1 is particularly popular with fans. Spider-Man created this suit when he had to take on a team of villains using high-caliber guns. Although the suit slows Pete and decreases his agility, it allows him to be bulletproof.

In the MCU, Spidey once wore a metal suit in the form of the Iron Spider. But now that costume looks too cool to stop it from showing up. And now that Pete is on his own, maybe it’s time for him to whip up some armor himself.

Combination electro-proof

Spider-Man created this suit to protect himself from Electro’s powerful electrical attacks. It features insulation and padding throughout the suit to make sure Spidey doesn’t get fried from the electricity heading his way. It also retains the iconic blue and red color scheme, but leans more heavily into blue with just a few red accents.

While a multiversal variant of Electro has already appeared in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, that’s not to say that this costume still couldn’t make an appearance. There are plenty of heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe whose powers are electric in nature. If any of them cross paths with Peter Parker, it would be a perfect opportunity to debut this costume in the MCU.

scarlet spider

In the comics, Scarlet Spider is an alias first assumed by Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker who was introduced in the infamous Clone Saga of the comics. Reilly was created to be an enemy of Parker, but later becomes an ally. The costume is simple, in red spandex with a sleeveless blue hoodie on top.

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MCU Peter’s first homemade costume bears a strong resemblance to Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume, but they aren’t exactly the same. While many fans would grumble if Marvel Studios announced they were adapting the Clone Saga, that doesn’t mean Peter Parker can’t don a more accurate variation of the costume. The reason could be something as simple as throwing on a hoodie to stay warm during a New York winter.

Negative Zone Costume

This costume was first worn by Spider-Man while on a mission to the Negative Zone to rescue three children. The negative zone is a universe parallel to ours where all matter is negatively charged. Spidey later wears this costume while adopting the alias Dusk after Norman Osborne frames him for a crime.

This suit isn’t just a simple black and white palette swap, it actually grants Spider-Man some new tricks. In the comics, this allows him to blend into the shadows and appear nearly invisible, while in Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, it can create shockwaves. The MCU could adapt this combination in a number of ways, but it will first have to introduce the Negative Zone to do so.

Stealth Suit

This suit was originally created by Peter Parker in the comics to combat Hobgoblin’s sonic attacks. He distorts sound and light around him, rendering Spider-Man silent and invisible. The suit’s lights change to red, green, or blue depending on what mode it’s in.

Fans dubbed this costume the “Big Time” costume due to its appearance during the storyline of the same name. With MCU Peter Parker now broke and alone, this combination may be too advanced at the moment, but if it ever does appear, it would certainly cause a stir. It also creates three colorful opportunities to sell more toys, which could be extra motivation to bring it to the big screen.

The Fantastic Four

In the 2020 Empyre event in the comics, Spider-Man teams up with his old friends The Fantastic Four and wears a costume inspired by their misfires. It is an amalgamation of his classic costume and the Fantastic Four uniform but without the straps, the Fantastic Four arms and boots, and a spider logo instead of the Fantastic Four badge.

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For this costume to make an appearance, it will require Marvel’s First Family to make their official MCU debut. Throughout its history, Spider-Man has been great friends with The Fantastic Four, especially the Human Torch. Seeing this costume would mean seeing Marvel’s biggest star characters finally interact on the big screen.

Future Foundation Jumpsuit

The Future Foundation was created by Reed Richards to bring together great minds to build a better future for all humanity. When Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, dies, one of his last requests is that his friend Spider-Man take his place on the team. In doing so, Spidey receives a sleek new white costume.

The Future Foundation suit is made with unstable molecules, giving it a variety of nifty tricks. He never gets dirty and can go back to the classic Spidey costume with just a thought. He also has the ability to transform into an all-black stealth suit when the moment calls for it.

The Advanced Suit

The Advanced Suit is an original creation for the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game. It serves as Peter Parker’s primary suit throughout the game’s history. The suit’s design is inspired by modern sportswear and compression garments.

The suit has many technological abilities designed to aid Pete in his job as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The materials of the suit are also an improvement over the classic suit. The red sections are thicker for protection, the blue sections are for flexibility, and the white sections are carbon fiber designed to absorb impact.

Symbiote Suit

Spider-Man’s black symbiote suit first appeared during the Secret Wars event after Spidey’s suit was ripped apart in battle. He went to see a machine that would fix it, but the machine was actually a prison that contained the Venom symbiote. The suit could respond to his thoughts, change shape, and create a seemingly limitless amount of organic webbing.

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The black suit is one of Spider-Man’s most popular looks. In the MCU, Peter Parker has worn a black and gold suit, but he has yet to wear the iconic black suit. With the introduction of the Venom symbiote during the No Way Home post-credit scene, it’s safe to say we’ll see this costume soon.

The Bombastic Bagman

After losing the Venom symbiote, Spider-Man was left without his usual costume. Needing to spring into action quickly, Spidey had no choice but to don an old Fantastic Four costume and place a paper bag over his head to protect his identity. And to make matters worse, the Human Torch had placed a “Kick Me” sign on Pete’s back.

You’d think Spider-Man would only have worn this costume once, but he actually had to fight crime with a bag over his head a second time. This is often considered Spider-Man’s worst costume, but it’s so ridiculous it almost needs to be adapted for the big screen if the opportunity arises.

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