10 Best Villain Costumes In Shonen Anime, Ranked

There may be an abundance of stylish anime heroes, but there are also a variety of equally if not more stylish anime villains. Among the many anime characters, there is a slight difference between hero and villain styles. While the heroes seem to have a style where they wear outlandish costumes and very saturated colors, the villains tend to stick to simpler outfits and dull colors.

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An example is Tanjiro from demon slayer, who wears a saturated green and black haori. Meanwhile, the series’ villain, Muzan Kibutsuji, wears a simple black costume. While some villains opt for simple costumes, others can go a little more extravagant. Naraku of Inuyasha, for example, wears a saturated blue and black kimono. Each villain has their own flair and style.

ten Light Yagami is the new god of the world (Death Note)

Yagami light of Death threat is one of the few anime protagonists who is also a villain. Light is a simple high school boy who gains the horrific ability to kill anyone at any time by writing their name in the Death Note. While Light originally had good intentions and only wanted to take out the criminals, he soon becomes the only thing he seeks to destroy.

While Light doesn’t exactly have a mesmerizing or unique costume, he does have a sense of style. Light wears a simple school uniform with a white shirt, brown pants, and a brown suit jacket. The light might not stand out too much, but it’s definitely dashing.

9 Orochimaru could cause a fear of snakes (Naruto)

Orochimaru is one of the first main antagonists of naruto. Orochimaru is a snake-associated shinobi who has a snake-like appearance, including an angular facial structure, white scale-like skin, and snake-like eyes. Orochimaru has set out to find a new host and sees potential in Saskue, both in his body and in his potential darkness.

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When viewers first meet Orochimaru, he wears a simple beige and gray tunic-like outfit with a dull purple rope on his back. As the show continues, Orochimaru joins the Akatsuki and changes to the iconic black cape with a red cloud pattern. What sets Orochumaru apart from the rest is his human/snake hybrid appearance.

Envy is perhaps one of the most savage and intimidating enemies of Fullmetal Alchemist. Envy is the kind of enemy that has no remorse about who they hurt or if they were even a threat to them. Envy is easily one of the cruelest and most sadistic anime villains, but he also has a unique taste in clothes.

Envy wears a simple black crop top, skirt/shorts combination, and blood red headband. Although he doesn’t necessarily wear identifiable shoes, he wears a unique set of open-toed shoes that come to his mid-calf. Even though Envy’s costume isn’t exactly unique, it’s definitely a showpiece.

seven The Hero Gone Wrong, Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sensui of Yu Yu Hakusho was a former Spirit Detective who left office a few years after being sent on a mission that marked him and changed him for good. He was one of the few villains who killed the main protagonist, Yusuke. Sensui is a bit simple when it comes to his original costume, which is a simple ensemble consisting of a long-sleeved black shirt and black pants.

When Sensui reaches full power, his costume transforms into a blue set of demonic armor. His costume changes again when Sensui exceeds his potential. This new costume looks like golden armor.

6 Beerus takes time for destruction (Dragon Ball Super)

Beerus is the god of destruction in Dragon Ball Super and one of the most dressed Z Warriors. Beerus may have originally been the villain of the show, and in his own way he’s still a villain. Beerus is first introduced to the public when he destroys half a planet because their food was too greasy.

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Beerus looks like an Egyptian style god and his outfit adds to that look. Beerus is shirtless with a collar-like shoulder and baggy pants that tighten at the ankles. If this character were a god in the real world, humanity would be in big trouble.

5 Shigaraki carries the hands of his deceased family (My Hero Academia)

Shigaraki’s my hero academia is a likeable villain that fans know and love. He was first introduced to the public during the attack on USJ, and he definitely left an impact. Shigaraki is a villain with a childlike mindset, which means he plays battles in his head like it’s a video game and treats his allies like pawns. Shigaraki’s first costume seems to be the one fans are most familiar with.

Shigaraki’s clothes aren’t too unique, as he only wears a black shirt and black jeans. What makes his costume so iconic are the hands he wears around his upper body. The audience learns that these props are the hands of Shigaraki’s deceased family whom he accidentally killed when Shigaraki unlocked his Quirk.

4 Isaac is the faithful master of Dracula’s forge (Castlevania)

Isaac from Netflix anime Castlevania is the human forge master who fought alongside Dracula. The audience learns about Isaac’s past and why he wanted to wipe out humanity with Dracula’s army. Isaac was once a slave and being punished for wanting to read to help his master pushed him over the edge.

Audiences are introduced to Isaac wearing black armor which has a fantasy side to it, but also seems to mimic Dracula’s style in some way. In recent seasons, Issac’s costume shifts to a slightly more traditional Arabic or Hindu style. Isaac’s colors also shift from a black and red color scheme to a more saturated blue and gold.

3 Naraku is the real demon king (Inuyasha)

Naraku is the demon king of Inuyasha. He has a wide array of attacks and abilities that give Inuyasha’s crew a run for their money. This is especially evident in the fact that Naraku is not defeated until episode 165. Naraku has a wide range of outfits throughout the series, but one of his most unique costumes is his full demon armor. .

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This armor has a wide range of spikes and bone-like armor pieces. The actual dress part is a kimono-style outfit with a blue, purple, and white color scheme. This Naraku costume is definitely an intimidating design that can send shivers down anyone’s spine.

2 Lelouch will be obeyed (Code Geass)

of Code Geass is another case where the anime’s protagonist turns into a villain. Early in the series, Lelouch gains the power to control someone’s actions for a brief moment by looking them in the eye and activating his Geass ability. At first, Lelouch is a member of a rebellion that sought to end the dictatorship that rules their country.

Lelouch’s signature gear consists of black armor with a high collar that goes all the way to his hairline. This costume also consists of a helmet where the faceplate opens over Lelouch’s left eye when he wants to use his Geass. When Lelouch isn’t wearing his signature helmet, he has a simple face covering that covers his nose and mouth.

1 Doma is the cult of ice demon fans (Demon Slayer)

Doma is perhaps the most unique demon in demon slayer. Fans are first introduced to Doma in the Season 2 finale when fans learn that Doma was not only the former Upper Moon 6, but he was also the one who turned Daki and Gyutaro into demons. As the series progresses, Doma becomes Upper Moon 2 and is by far one of the strongest demons.

Doma has a more traditional Japanese costume with a bright red outfit and golden fans which he uses as weapons. Doma’s style mimics that of an ancient Japanese god, which makes sense given that part of Doma’s cover acts like a god to civilians. Doma has an old fashioned yet elegant sense of style.