10 Best Superhero Costumes, Ranked

What is the most important thing in a superhero? Is it their powers, their publicity, their determination to fight evil? This is all secondary to the art of superhero costume, which defines who the hero is and the image they present to the audience.

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Anime superheroes have a lot to offer when it comes to their uniforms and costumes. A cartoon can do it all, especially now that designers and animators are using computer-generated graphics, so superheroes in anime shows have some of the best costumes. tiger and rabbita series in which superheroes appear on television and have commercial sponsors, presents an interesting mix of superheroes with so many different ways to express their style.


ten sky high

It’s a great retro look, reminiscent of the steampunk style viewers might remember from shows like The Rocket. Sky High is also an old school superhero in the sense that he strongly believes in fighting evil and is generally a nice person to everyone.

That’s why he was the king of heroes for two consecutive years.

9 Dragon Kid

Dragon Kid is a kung fu master and has a NEXT power that can control lightning. Her real name is Pao-Lin Huang and she is originally from China, which is part of why her uniform borrows some of its characteristics from that country’s ancient warrior style.

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What’s really great about the Dragon Kid uniform is that it’s actually functional and not deliberately revealing, but let’s face it, these superheroes are trying to get more views.

8 golden ryan

With a uniform designed to turn heads, gold from head to toe with only a few body armor plates in the torso to even it out, it only makes sense for a fearless and conceited superhero like Golden Ryan to step into the room looking like wonder woman or Sailor Galaxy.

The addition of the wings is a nice but slightly ironic touch since her NEXT power is the manipulation of gravity as opposed to flight.

7 rock bison

The look of this superhero always takes the target by surprise, no matter if it’s friends or foes. It’s a look reminiscent of an ancient samurai uniform, but it’s mixed with the theme of a bull. This is a reference to his NEXT power of being able to harden his skin, making himself invulnerable to physical damage.

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Rock Bison’s real name is Antonio Lopez and only his close friend Kotetsu has been in the superhero business longer. They were in school together, so they have a long history and often consult each other for advice.

6 It’s Thomas

Maybe it looks too formulaic, almost like a futuristic hood ornament, but those head wings and flowing white cape look supernatural. It resembles the steampunk look of Sky High but with a modern design.

His real name is Thomas Taurus, and in case it wasn’t already obvious, his company chose his superhero name.

5 Mr Black

It’s possible to swap this one out with your partner, depending on preference for black or white, since these two equally cool uniforms are meant to match but not be identical. Both have the same weird-but-deadly-cool blank-faced helmets, and Mr. Black’s head wings are bent instead of open, but it’s still a neat, streamlined effect.

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Mr. Black and I Am Thomas are paired up by HeroTV and the costume department dressed them to match. These two spunky young superheroes aren’t happy, but they look really good.

4 wild tiger

A retro look that recalls the best of the mecha genre and reminds us that the protagonist is a seasoned veteran. Wild Tiger’s look starts with a neon green mohawk and follows it with shiny armored goodness and pectoral muscle.

This superhero has been in the business for a long time, and a big part of that is his old-school giant robot uniform.

3 Barnaby Brooks Jr.

If there’s anyone who makes the veteran nervous, it’s the cool new kid who can dress head-to-toe in pink, with bunny ears and all, and look badass by doing it. Something about Bunny’s costume is reminiscent of his partner’s vintage mecha, but he’s more of a Power Rangers one Transformer.

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Tiger and Bunny have the same NEXT ability, known as Hundred Power, which is why HeroTV would rather have them in similar uniforms for PR purposes.

2 fire emblem

Fire Emblem might be the only superhero whose uniform clearly and obviously indicates their next power, pyrokinesis. It’s a classic look that could have come out of an old comic book mixed with modern sci-fi inspiration.

Nathan Seymour, the real person behind the superhero, also owns Helios Energy as his own corporate sponsor. This means no one can tell Fire Emblem what to wear.

1 blue rose

This look combines lounge singer, magical girl, and figure skater all in one, and part of the reason it’s so flashy is to further conceal the true identity of the rather low-key Karina Lyle. Her NEXT power is ice manipulation, but her true passion is singing.

Karina’s sponsors have agreed to support her career in pop music, which is why Blue Rose also includes musical references in her costume.

tiger and rabbit 2 been released April 8, 2022 on Netflix.

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