10 Best Batgirl Costumes In DC Comics, Ranked

Versions of Batgirl appeared in DC Comics’ Golden Age, but Barbara Gordon – the prominent version of Batgirl – made her heroic debut in Detective comics #359 in 1967. In the decades that followed, Barbara joined Batman and Robin and became a recurring member of the Bat Family. As the character grew in popularity, she gained her own series and starred in Elseworlds comics that explored alternate universes.

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Whether she appeared in the main DC continuity or in the worlds of the multiverse, Barbara Gordon sported many incredible costumes. His best comic costumes were designed by artists like Carmine Infantino, Cameron Stewart, and Sean Murphy. Characters like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain would later use the Batgirl title, contributing to the hero’s impressive roster of stylish costumes.

ten Armored Batgirl in Best of Elseworld

Best of Elseworld: Supergirl and Batgirl was created by Barbara Kesel, Matt Haley and Tom Simmons. The one-shot explored an alternate universe where Superman and Batman never existed. Instead, Kara and Barbara were heroes who emerged in their place. Their stories were more like the origins of Superman and Batman.

In this world, Batgirl wore an armored version of her classic black costume, which featured gold metallic armor on her arms and shoulders. Barbara was a lot like Bruce in this universe, and her style of justice was more violent and brutal.

9 Batgirl sported blue and gray in the Bronze Age

The Bronze Age of comics saw new costumes for many members of the Bat-family. As Dick Grayson retired from his role as Robin to become Nightwing, Batman and Batgirl received updated, matching costumes. Batman kept his ’60s blue and gray color scheme, but was given longer ears and a bigger physique, making him more imposing.

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Silver Age Batgirl’s black and yellow costume has been redesigned to match Batman’s blue and gray color scheme. Overall, this redesign was a downgrade from her first costume, but it was iconic enough to appear as Batgirl’s first costume in Batman: The Animated Series years later.

8 New Design 52 Batgirl Updated First Look

During the events of killer joke in 1989, Barbara Gordon was paralyzed from a gunshot wound she received from the Joker. This led to Barbara becoming Oracle, establishing the Birds of Prey with Black Canary and Huntress. Although she no longer wore a cape and cowl, Barbara arguably contributed more to the team as Oracle.

Despite her character development, she returns as Batgirl in DC’s New 52. The New 52 remains a somewhat delicate subject. It introduces some cool concepts, but it erases so many others. Regardless, Barbara has been wearing a lightly armored version of her classic costume since her first appearance.

seven Stephanie Brown wore a brand new jumpsuit

Stephanie Brown has worn many costumes and used many heroic titles since her comic book debut in Detective comic #647. She began her superhero career as Spoiler before taking Tim Drake’s place as Robin – despite Batman’s initial protests. Soon after, Stephanie became the new Batgirl, starring in her own solo series and sporting a black and purple version of Batgirl’s costume.

Stephanie’s design is visually distinct from Barbara’s. Her blonde hair stands out against her mostly black costume, which features a purple cape and purple accents on her arms and legs. Many fans want Stephanie to return as Batgirl or play a bigger role in the DC Universe in general.

6 Batgirl’s ’66 costume was bright and striking

Regardless of its rustic and satirical nature, the Batman The 1966 television series introduced Batman to audiences beyond comic book readers and turned the Caped Crusader into a pop culture icon. Years later, in 2013, DC Comics released a Batman ’66 comedy series that continued the wacky adventures of the Dynamic Duo.

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Yvonne Craig played Barbara Gordon in the television series. She wore a shiny, shimmering purple costume that stood out from the Dynamic Duo’s. His character design will reappear again in the Batman ’66 comic book series, officially allowing his ’66 costume to be considered one of his best comic book costumes.

5 Characters get new, but retro, overhauls in Batman: White Knight

Sean Murphy introduced a new take on the DC Universe with the release of Batman: White Knight. In this alternate universe, the Joker is declared sane and Batman is seen as a reckless threat to Gotham City. The characters have slightly different backstories and relationships, which makes the storylines incredibly refreshing.

Beyond the narrative changes, just about every character was outfitted in a redesigned costume, and they all looked spectacular. Murphy has hit several home runs with his costume designs, creating one of the best versions of the Batman costume as well as Batgirl. Barbara wore a costume that looked like a modern version of her Bronze Age gray and blue costume.

4 Cassandra Cain wore a completely unique Batgirl costume

Cassandra Cain made her debut in Detective comics #567 in 1999, and within a year she became the new Batgirl of Legends of the Dark Knight #120. Cassandra also used Black Bat’s titles in Batman Incorporated and Orphan in Batman and Robin Eternal. She played a leading role in the Detective comics Rebirth comic series as a member of Batman’s new Bat-family.

Cassandra was considered one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, having been trained by both the League of Assassins and Batman himself. As Batgirl, Cassandra wore an extremely distinct Batsuit. His face was completely covered with a hood devoid of a mouth or eyes, and his costume was all black with sparse yellow accents.

3 Stewart & Tarr designed a brighter, more functional Batgirl costume

Years after DC Comics relaunched its comic book line with the New 52, ​​Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr felt that Batgirl needed a costume change. She had sported an updated version of her original black costume for the majority of New 52, ​​but with the “Burnside” arc, Stewart and Tarr completely revamped Batgirl’s costume.

Instead of black spandex and armor, Batgirl now wore a purple combat jumpsuit that looked completely functional. The purple was also highlighted with yellow accents which complimented the rest of the costume colors perfectly.

2 Batgirl’s original costume is iconic

Barbara Gordon made her comic book debut in Detective comics #359. She was not only the star of the number on the inside, but she also spotlighted the cover. His costume was visually distinct from that of Batman or Robin. While the dynamic duo wore their bright reds and blues in DC’s Silver Age, Batgirl premiered in a black costume with yellow accents.

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The costume could have easily been a carbon copy of Batman’s, but Carmine Infantino gave Batgirl her own design, which makes her even more memorable. This version of the costume would later be adapted for Batgirl in the New Batman Adventures animated series.

1 Batgirl’s “Fear State” Costume Combines Several Past Designs

The Last of Tom Taylor night wing the comic has been spectacular, and Barbara Gordon is a big part of that. As Dick Grayson strives to build a better Blüdhaven, establishing the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation, he has grown closer to Barbara. During DC’s recent “Fear State” crossover, Barbara dresses up as Batgirl in an all-new costume.

Batgirl’s “Fear State”/Rebirth costume, designed by artist Bruno Redondo, looks like a cross between her “Burnside” costume and costumes from her past. The majority of the costume is blue and yellow, while the cowl is all black with white eyes – a departure from most Batgirl cowls which display the wearer’s eyes.

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